Game developer Miniclip releases super addicting Rail Rush for the Nokia Collection

Windows Phone has its fair share of great games. There are a ton of high quality games from both indie developers and larger game makers. Game developer Miniclip has just released a new game for Windows Phone called Rail Rush. As you may know, Miniclip is no stranger to Windows Phone. They’ve released popular games like Fragger, Gravity Guy, iStunt 2, and others. Now they’ve got another game that’s sure to be addictive. Let’s check it out.

Rail Rush is game that Miniclip has had for a while on other platforms like web and iOS. It may be late to Windows Phone, but we’re not complaining. Rail Rush plays a little bit like Temple Run and other endless running games. In fact, you might have a bit of nostalgia and feel like you’re playing some of those old levels from the Crash Bandicoot games (loved those so much).

In Rail Rush, you’re racing a cart through some caves. You’ll be swiping and tilting to collect treasures and avoid crashing or falling off the track. Here’s all the features you’ll be getting in Rail Rush for Windows Phone 8:

  • 12 different characters
  • Cool power ups
  • 4 different worlds and many hidden levels
  • Stunning graphics
  • Action packed gameplay
  • Many in-game achievements
  • Game statistics

The game ran smooth with good graphics on our Lumia 1020. Gameplay itself is pretty fun and can be really addicting once you get a hang of the controls. The game itself is free, with in-app purchases to help you along the way if you get stuck.

Sounds great, right? What’s the catch? It looks like this is a Lumia only game since it’s currently in the Nokia Collection. Windows Phone users with non-Nokia phones won’t be playing this game. On that note, we don’t have a 512MB device with us, so you’re going to need to help us out in the comments on whether or not it’s available for those devices. Update: You guys rock, users are reporting it works on 512MB devices. Enjoy!

Want to grab Rail Rush for Windows Phone 8? Get it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Ryan B!

  • Hopefully when far fewer people download the game they'll realise no-one gives a shit if it isn't Xbox enabled.
  • One can use the proxy trick and download it
  • Proxy trick is not working to download the game....error message is shown while downloading
  • This - I just can't see the point without having achievements...
  • Whats the sense of Xbox-achievements?
    Just play the Game and have Fun!
  • Ditto. I only play Xbox games too. What a pity that many developers are not taking the extra step to add in Xbox achievements. I know the certification process is annoying, but it is a shortsighted move to eschew it, especially for bigger developers like Miniclip.
  • Totally agree. MS need to help them out though and speed up the certification process.
  • edit: duplicate post.
  • Graphics looks awesome on my Lumia 920
  • All games should be Xbox enabled and be easy to update and publish just like indie games now.
  • Why can ipad/iphone games do it with game center so easily?
  • works on my sister's 520! :)
    and also very well on my 925! ^_^
  • It's great to have new games but they need to stop giving us endless runners. They are all the same.
  • Agreed.  Mobile gaming has taken gaming a huge step back.  These are just like most Atari games were dolled up with a fancy wrapper.  Dodge this, dodge that, and then speed up.  Repeat.
  • Works like a charms on 520. But yeah, all games should be Xbox enabled.
  • Runs without any lag on my Lumia 720.. one of the best games ive played.
  • Available for 512MB phones. Currently rocking it on my 720.
  • If Microsoft's certification policies weren't so awful and time-consuming, we'd see more Live titles.
  • That process should die already
  • Why, so we can get buggy malware too?? I appreciate the effort(s).. Just sayin
  • Malware and Xbox certification aren't mutually exclusive. If the cert process was the end-all be-all, we wouldn't have broken achievements would we? It's fallible. And a pain. The question at this point isn't why would devs eschew it; it's why WOULDN'T they?
  • Butter smooth on my Lumia 720 :) And i also got the update 3,i mean its stii showing amber but have got all features mentioned in changelog(developer unlocked)
  • i am gonna wait for the Black!
  • It sucks that I can't play it on an HTC oh well, hope you guys are enjoying it, looks like I'll be joining the Nokia crowd in February for my upgrade.
  • Dude, there's the proxy trick.. Search in the forums.. 8)
  • nice game... works great on my 520... :)
  • I dont know but many things are not available for purchase eg the other 2 worlds can someone confirm it??
  • Nice game
  • Nice game.... let us make this the game that other OS will want.
  • works well on my 620
  • Working perfectly in my L520!!!Free apps and games will pave the way for windows os to the top!!!
  • Definitely a fun, fun game to play, please Nokia pick up candy crush already!
  • I second that.. Love a bit of candy crush!
  • Why do people use Addicting when you could just use the real word Addictive? I swear there is a global conspiracy to drive me crazy.
  • Agreed!
  • Thanks for the update. Grabbing the game now.
  • The proxy trick is not working on my HTC 8s...there is a error showing up about windows account service is not available at the moment.....pls help and thank in advance
  • 512MB devices run fine, just like my Lumia 620 did. ;)
  • Man, I hate these dummy endless run games with their simpleton mechanics and gameplay. Give me royalty revolt or something.
    Viva Uno with Friends, Tetris Blitz and Wordament. Viva la Windows Phone!
    Android gaming is putrid.
  • Hmmm. Any in app purchases worth picking up? I am new to this game and see they have a "deal" going on for the cart protection and a "deal" for three bonus special items.
  • Will it come to Windows 8.1 RT too?
  • yup , RAIL RUSH works with 512 ram ,,,it works perfectly with lumia 520 .
  • Awesome game working on my Lumia 625
  • works fine also on my L820 without issues, fast and smooth. Mix of Temple Run + Jetpack Joyride because it has missions too and you can rank up with it while gaining nuggets. The egg that you collect is also like the slot machine game in JJ, you can earn some powerups that you can use in 1 game only.