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Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords is now available on Xbox One

Microsoft has shared on Twitter the release of Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords, which is now readily available for download on Xbox One. The game series (containing six episodes) of the popular TV show is by Telltale Games, offering fans a chance to enjoy a more immersive experience of the fantasy realm.

Please note that you'll require episode one of the series to get this game running (and why would you want to hop right into the second part anyway?) on the Xbox. Oh, and don't purchase the episode if you already own the season pass. We'll also link the Steam listing for you PC gamers.

Game of Thrones

Source: Twitter (Xbox UK)

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  • When Windows 10 gonna land? For phone offcourse
  • Why do you ask... Want to play GoT on your Windows 10 phone?.... (input rhetorical tone here)
  • Windows Central is only good for app and game updates! Informative windows and windows phone news and features is what matters. Damn an app update!!!!!!!!!!! Lumia 1520 user, for now..
  • You missed :-/s
  • Graphics look more like mobile gaming...
  • It's Tell Tales' 'schtick' when it comes to their games. They aren't supposed to be graphically intensive games. But out of all their games, this is the one that probably looks the best and most 'clean.'
  • Borderlands and TWD has far better graphics imo. I would say that GoT has the worst graphics of all TellTale games.
  • "juicy stab":::"The lannisters send their regards...."
  • Say coming soon on my Xbox one
  • Same here. Guess they haven't rolled it out all over yet
    I'm in Canada (land of the free)
  • I still have some extra XBOX Store money in my digital wallet... I just want to know when Tales of the Borderlands Episode 2 comes out - my wife and I both really like that first episode. Can't wait to continue to play it. I have the GOT First episode, I might consider picking this up... not sure though.
  • Too bad I missed getting the season pass earlier when it was on discount, will wait a bit to get it this time. Played episode one, my love for the series had me ignore some game mechanics in episode 1, which I didn't like that much, but it did have surprises like GoT always does. I really hope if the Shadow of Mordor devs can make a GoT open world, I would buy that in an instant. It would be even more awesome if you can choose the house you want to play from.
  • Still showing up on discount for me. It's $20 as opposed to $25. Give it a shot, you might see it too
  • Um... It's still not out for the Xbox one