GameMaker: Studio support for Xbox One coming later in 2014

YoYo Games, the creators of the GameMaker: Studio software tools for game developers, have announced they will add support for Microsoft's Xbox One console sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The added support will allow GameMaker: Studio users to import their games to the Xbox One without having to change any code. However, users must have an Xbox One hardware development kit to take atvantage of the support. YoYo Games will provide GameMaker: Studio to developers who are signed up for Microsoft's indie game-based ID@Xbox program.

In addition, YoYo Games said that GameMaker: Studio will offer enhanced support for Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1. Perhaps even more important, the company pledged to extend GameMaker: Studio support for future Microsoft operating system releases.

Do you think this announcement will let more indie games show up on the Xbox One?

Source: YoYo Games

John Callaham