GameStop should have Xbox One in stock this weekend (US Only)

If you are still on the hunt for Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox One, and you live in the United States, then you might want to check out GameStop this weekend. It is being reported that the brick and mortar retailer will have the consoles in (along with Sony’s PS4) starting today and continuing into the weekend.

Remember, all stores will have a limited number of consoles in stock, so if you plan on grabbing a next generation entertainment system – do so now. There is no telling how fast stock will sell out, but you can be rest assured that GameStop will most likely be cleared out of Xbox One consoles by Sunday.

If you aren’t near a local GameStop, Amazon US is currently showing stock for the Xbox One on their website. To visit you can click here and to find a local GameSpot store near you, click here.

Happy Hunting!

Source: CNET

Michael Archambault