A new Halo Infinite 'The Yappening' event is coming next week

Yapyap in Halo Wars 2
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What you need to know

  • 343 Industries has officially announced "The Yappening," a new event coming to Halo Infinite next week.
  • The event is slated to go live on Sept. 6, 2022 and will likely be themed around the Yapyap the Destroyer character that was originally introduced in Halo Wars 2.
  • In previous versions of this event from Halo Wars 2 and Halo: MCC, Yapyap "gained access to 343 Industries' servers" and caused mayhem by altering the UI and adding his own Yappening playlist.
  • Based on the short comic used to reveal the Halo Infinite version of the event, it's likely players will be able to earn a metal mohawk helmet attachment made out of scrap, various armor coatings, a banana weapon charm, and other rewards from an Event Pass during The Yappening.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has officially announced "The Yappening," a new event coming to the game next week on Sept. 6, 2022. The Yappening was previously leaked by dataminers, but we weren't sure if the event was truly legit or not. Now, though, we know for sure.

The Yappening, like other Halo Infinite events, will be free for all players. It's currently unclear what types of content it will include, but based on previous The Yappening events from Halo Wars 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we expect that there will be a dedicated Yappening playlist with a variety of silly game modes. The short comic that was used to reveal the event also suggests that players will be able to earn rewards like a metal mohawk helmet attachment, armor coatings, a "Captain-Maker Pose" stance, a new visor color, and a banana weapon charm by completing challenges and progressing through a free Event Pass.

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The Yappening is themed around Yapyap the Destroyer, a powerful and hilarious Grunt leader that was originally introduced in Halo Wars 2 in 2018. In both the Halo Wars 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection versions of The Yappening, Yapyap "gained access to 343 Industries' servers" and attempted to cause mayhem by adding his own custom playlist and tampering with the game's user interface in comical ways. This is what we expect to happen in the Halo Infinite version of The Yappening, too, although the developers may also surprise us with some additional types of chaos.

We don't know how long The Yappening event is going to last in Halo Infinite yet, but if we had to guess, we'd say you can expect it to stick around for a week or two. This is the standard length for Halo Infinite's Season 2 events, and there's no reason to believe that The Yappening will buck that trend.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox and PC. Despite some of its issues, it's one of the best Xbox shooters on the market right now for fans of arena-style FPS combat, and since the multiplayer is free-to-play, there's zero barrier to entry. The campaign is fantastic, too, as it features exhilarating gameplay and an excellent story. 


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite promises fans the most ambitious Halo experience to date, featuring a fantastic campaign with a dynamic open world and an excellent story as well as an exciting free-to-play multiplayer with strong core gameplay and plenty of cosmetic unlocks.

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