Alan Wake 2 may be releasing in October 2023

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What you need to know

  • Alan Wake 2 is being developed Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games.
  • Speaking on a podcast, voice actor Matthew Perretta indicated that Alan Wake 2 is slated to launch in October 2023. 
  • Remedy Entertainment previously reiterated that Alan Wake 2 will be arriving at some point in 2023. 

It's that time again, where a game's potential release window might be innocuously revealed in an offhand comment.

Speaking on the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast, Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Perretta revealed that Alan Wake 2 is being readied for an October 2023 launch.

"That's supposed to come out in October, we're in the middle of working on it now. In fact, I was just in Finland the last week. That's where the company is from, Remedy, amazing people," Peretta said. You can check out the full podcast below (the conversation regarding Alan Wake starts at about the 16:30 mark). 

In case this gets taken down, I've embedded the audio clip below, courtesy of @Wario64 on Twitter. 

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Matthew Perretta has been the voice of Alan Wake throughout the original game and his reappearance in the connected Control, in addition to the upcoming game. Meanwhile, actor Ikka Villi has provided the motion capture and has portrayed Alan Wake in live-action ads and cameos across other games. 

The long-awaited Alan Wake 2 was first revealed back during The Game Awards 2021, with director Sam Lake revealing that this will be Remedy Entertainment's first true horror game. The studio originally intended to show a demo of the game last summer, before deciding instead to continue focusing as deeply as possible on the full development of the game. 

Whenever Alan Wake 2 arrives, it'll be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows PC, and PS5.

Windows Central's take

"Actor says something they probably weren't supposed to" remains one of my favorite subgenres of news, it never gets old. 

This definitely makes sense though. Remedy's been keeping things close to the chest, which is one of the reasons I do believe this game makes it out this year, but it definitely won't be early on in the summer. With Alan Wake 2 being a full horror game, an October release date certainly makes sense, and nicely matches the release window of the remaster two years ago.


Alan Wake Remastered

While you wait for Alan Wake 2, it's a great time to go back and play the original game. It's been remastered for modern consoles, with better textures, framerate, and more. 

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