AYANEO Flip KB and DS are going to make handheld gaming and emulators a whole lot more convenient with a full keyboard or dual-screen model

AYANEO Flip KB and DS gaming handhelds.
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What you need to know

  • Today, AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang hosted a live broadcast explaining details about the upcoming AYANEO Flip KB and DS gaming handhelds.
  • The AYANEO Flip KB features a full keyboard while the AYANEO Flip DS features a second display. 
  • Details and specs surrounding the Flip KB and Flip DS were revealed during this broadcast. 
  • Both devices are coming at the end of January 2024.

Last year, images for the AYANEO Flip KB and DS leaked online, showing us a gaming handheld with a full keyboard as well as a gaming handheld with dual screens (similar to the Nintendo DS). Today, AYANEO's CEO Arthur Zhang, hosted a live broadcast in which he officially showed off these two new devices and discussed spec details. This broadcast was in Chinese, which I don't speak, and no English translation was posted. However, details from the broadcast were sent to me in a press release. 

After taking a look at the specs for both of these devices, it's apparent that they could both be helpful in different gaming scenarios thanks to their unique features. 

NOTE: You'll want to start the video at 50:40 to see the start of the broadcast.

AYANEO Flip KB & DS Specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U
Windows 11
7-inch, 1080p, 120Hz, 400 nits | DS model: 3.5-inch multi-functional second screen
Hall Sensing joysticks and triggers: Yes
Gyroscope: Yes
Optical finger mouse: Yes
Software: AYASpace 2
Ports: Thunderbolt USB-C, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, OCuLink port, and microSD slot

As can be seen from the video and various pictures on this page, The AYANEO Flip KB and AYANEO DS are Windows 11 gaming handhelds that come in either white or black and feature a compact clamshell design. But now we know for certain that both models also house an AMD R7 7840U CPU and feature a 7-inch main screen that can reach up to 120Hz refresh rate with 1080p resolution. Of course, the Flip DS version also has a second multi-functional display that's 3.5-inches while the Flip KB uses this same space for a full keyboard.

What I found interesting is that the Flip DS is usually shown with the second screen displaying the system's settings. These settings are accessed via the new AYASpace 2 app that comes installed on the handhelds. Being able to adjust settings on a second screen without having to do anything on the main display adds a level of convenience that I am excited about. It also opens up possibilities for certain emulators that are easier to use thanks to having two screens. 

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Meanwhile, the full keyboard will make the Flip KB act even more like a compact laptop, since it will be easier to surf the web or enter text into game menus without having to bring up the on-screen keyboard, which can be clunky at times. Both the lid of the Flip KB and Flip DS can be opened at 120, 150, and 180-degree angles to help you use these devices in the most comfortable position.

As of right now, we do not know how long the battery lasts, but it probably isn't super long since the average of various gaming handhelds is usually around two hours or less on lowered settings. Additionally, my biggest concern so far with these AYANEO Flip handhelds is in regards to grip comfort. It's clear that the bottom of the casing is shaped in such a way that makes way for palms, but it's hard to say exactly how comfortable the handheld experience will be. As a gaming handheld enthusiast, I know that the weight, balance, and ergonomics of a device all work together to determine how long I can hold it before my hands and wrists get uncomfortable. Some devices are definitely designed better in this area than others.

As with previous AYANEO devices, the AYANEO Flip DS and AYANEO Flip KB will be sold on Indiegogo. In fact, the prelaunch has already started, so you can sign up to be notified when preorders become available. Both devices are expected to come out at the end of January 2024.


AYANEO Flip DS & KB: Coming soon at Indiegogo

The latest Windows gaming handhelds from AYANEO will be available with either a full keyboard or a dual-screen design. Both are expected to come out at the end of January and preorders are expected to become available soon. 

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