AYANEO Flip DS looks a lot like a Nintendo 3DS gaming handheld that runs Windows, there's also a version with a full keyboard

AYANEO Flip DS black and white.
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What you need to know

  • AYANEO is a gaming handheld company known for producing systems that run Windows for PC gaming. 
  • Today, images of the upcoming AYANEO Flip and Flip DS leaked online. One features a full keyboard while the other is a dual-screen gaming handheld.
  • They allegedly will utilize an AMD Ryzen 7840U chipset with integrated Radeon 780M graphics, offer a 7-inch display, and support 120Hz. 

Today, images of the upcoming AYANEO Flip and Flip DS leaked online. There appear to be two gaming handhelds in the upcoming Flip line — the regular Flip option which features a full keyboard and the Flip DS which features dual screens in place of the keyboard. If you're familiar with Nintendo's devices, then you might think the Flip DS looks an awful lot like a 3DS successor and that's true aside from the fact that it will be able to run Windows and play the best PC games as well as emulators. 

Since its founding in 2020, AYANEO has proven to be a tech company that has an absolute passion for handheld gaming. So far during its short history, it has produced several Windows-running gaming handhelds and shows no sign of slowing down. 

White versions of the AYANEO Flip and Flip DS. (Image credit: AYANEO)

Supposedly, the AYANEO Flip will feature an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U chipset with integrated Radeon 780M graphics, much like the recent AYANEO 2S gaming handheld did. Additionally, the screen will allegedly be 7 inches and will be AYANEO's first gaming handheld to support a 120Hz refresh rate. We'll have to see if these specs hold true once AYANEO releases an official announcement for the Flip and Flip DS.

It's currently unclear when exactly the AYANEO Flip and Flip DS are set to release or how much they will cost.

Windows Central's take

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AYANEO has been on a release spree over the last couple of years with over eight gaming devices launched in that time. Earlier this year, I wrote our AYANEO 2S review, but since then the company launched the AYANEO KUN and has revealed that it will also release a Qualcomm Snapdragon G series Android gaming handheld in the near future. It looks like the company has no desire to slow down any time soon, for better or worse.

The exciting thing about a gaming handheld company releasing so many devices is that there is always something cool to look for. However, the downside to such an aggressive release schedule is that it makes me wonder how long each device will get supported for since it becomes obsolete relatively quickly as AYANEO's newest devices cannibalize its older ones. 

As for the Flip and Flip DS specifically, I'd be lying if I didn't say that these gaming handhelds have caught my interest. Part of this comes from the fact that I own a Nintendo 3DS and the thought of running certain emulators with a much better screen, controls, and refresh rate sounds very appealing. Plus, the keyboard version will make it easier to navigate online or enter text into games. 

Of course, AYANEO's devices do tend to be a bit expensive, so I assume you'll need to make a bit of a wallet sacrifice to obtain the Flip and Flip DS when they eventually launch. 

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