Destiny 2 servers go down as Bungie investigates error codes, login queues [Update]

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What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie has taken the game's servers offline following widespread reports of error codes and login queues.
  • These codes and queues made it impossible for many to log into the game, and those who were online when these issues began were kicked out of activities.
  • Bungie says that more information will be shared once it becomes available. For now, all fans can do is hold tight.

Update 3/9/23 at 1:13 p.m. ET: Destiny 2 was temporarily brought offline again today as part of Bungie's deployment of the latest patch for the game, Hotfix The servers are back up now, though maintenance is still ongoing, and many players are still reporting login queues and "CAT" error codes. Make sure you download the new hotfix before attempting to play Destiny 2.

Earlier, some players were unable to access their existing Guardians during the ongoing maintenance period and were prompted to create a new character when logging into Destiny 2. Thankfully, Bungie has resolved this issue, and says that people who experienced it will be able to log back into the game with their existing characters once maintenance concludes (it's currently scheduled to at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET).

Update 3/9/23 at 07:10 a.m. ET: Bungie has announced that these issues should now have subsided and things are back to normal. Anyone still experiencing issues is directed to create a report in the help forums. 

Update 3/8/23 at 12:30 a.m. ET: Bungie has announced it has officially brought Destiny 2 back online, though investigations into error codes and login queues are ongoing. Players should now be able to log into the game and play, though some issues may continue to occur.

"Destiny 2 is being brought back online. Background maintenance is ongoing as we continue to investigate ongoing issues," wrote the studio on Twitter.

Our original story is below.

Destiny 2, Bungie's popular science fantasy live service shooter, has been taken offline following widespread reports of error codes and queues that have prevented players from logging into and playing the game. The developer says that this will assist them in identifying the root cause of these issues, and that more details will be shared when possible.

"Destiny 2 is being temporarily brought offline to assist in investigations into error codes, inability to log in, and login queues," wrote the studio on the official Bungie Help Twitter account. "More information will be provided once available."

Since all of Destiny 2's content requires an internet connection, no part of the game will be playable while its servers are offline. Anyone that attempts to log in, regardless of platform, will be met with a downtime notice on the game's title screen.

Notably, Bungie's looter shooter has suffered numerous technical difficulties like this throughout the last several months. Earlier this year, the game's application programming interface (API) was taken offline several times due to various problems with loot and quest progress, resulting in valuable and important third-party apps like Destiny Item Manager becoming unavailable. Destiny 2's servers also went down in late January due to reports of lost achievements, and more recently, many have experienced bugs where players become invisible, as well as instances of high framerates causing enemies to deal significantly more damage than they're supposed to throughout the content of the new Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion.

We'll keep this article updated with the latest communications and statements from Bungie as the developers continue investigating the issue. Hopefully the studio is able to resolve it sooner rather than later, as many players are keen to begin their final preparations for the Destiny 2's new Root of Nightmares raid that's scheduled to go live on Friday, March 10.


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