Elden Ring DLC Smithscript Dagger: How to find one of the most underrated side-arms for your arsenal

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree in-game screenshot
The Smithscript Daggers, one of the new Throwing Blade weapons of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree (Image credit: Windows Central / FromSoftware Inc.)

One of the coolest aspects of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is the eight new weapon types added to the game. This DLC has all kinds of crazy new weapons to play around with, from hand-to-hand martial arts to graceful Light Greatswords like the Milady

One of the new weapon types I've been experimenting with is the Throwing Blades, which features a variety of weapons such as spears, hammers, daggers, etc. These weapons function like their regular counterparts, except their charge-heavy attack lets you throw the weapon at the enemy, giving players who use melee-only builds a much-needed ranged attack option without needing magic or consumable throwing knives.

My personal favorite Throwing Blade is the Smithscript Dagger. This allows you to throw an unlimited supply of daggers at enemies at a safe distance, and even throw multiple daggers simultaneously when wielding them with both hands.

If this weapon sounds appealing to you, you won't have to wait long to find it, as it is located in a dungeon that can be found shortly after you begin Elden Ring's DLC. So here's where you can find the new Smithscript Dagger.

Where to find the Smithscript Dagger

Location of where to find the Smithscript Dagger. (Image credit: Windows Central / FromSoftware Inc.)

At the beginning of the DLC, when you reach the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace, head north until you arrive at the Castle Front Site of Grace at the Ellac Greatbridge. From there, head southeast until you reach an entrance that will take you to a mini-dungeon called the Ruined Forge Lava Intake.

When you enter the dungeon, move forward down the linear path until you see a ladder. Climb down it, take the right path, go straight, and then take the left path past the fire ooze monster. You should see a big room filled with collapsed ruins and giant chains hanging from the ceiling.

Jump down and walk across the ruins on the right side of the room, jump a gap at the end to reach a platform, take the path on the right path with a ladder at the end, and you should be in a room with a giant pool of lava and a level by the room's entrance. 

Jump down the lever's location, run towards the corpse at the far end of the room, and loot it to obtain the Smithscript Daggers.

Take a stab at enemies at a safe distance

Who needs throwing knives when you have a dagger that instantly teleports back to the user's hands? (Image credit: Windows Central / FromSoftware Inc.)

The Smithscript Dagger is primarily scaled for Dexterity while having subpar scaling for Strength, Arcane, and Faith. Obviously this weapon is meant to be used with speedy, DEX-based builds with its never-ending barrage of throwing daggers. However, what I like most about this weapon is how easily it can be customized to be utilized with any of the best Elden Ring builds

For example, I've augmented it with the Cold Infusion to give it the ability to deal the Frostbite status effect to enemies to drain their health and debuff their defences, which happens a lot thanks to the Smithscript Dagger's fast attack speed. In addition, I equipped it with the Divine Beast Frost Stomp Ashe of War you get for defeating the Divine Beast Lion Dancer, so I can use AOE attacks to clear out groups of enemies.

The best part is that it weighs almost nothing so you can equip it on an STR-based character carrying tons of heavy armor and weapons to give them a ranged weapon option if they're not built to use ranged magic spells or bows. In addition, the Guard Counter on this weapon when paired with a shield is surprisingly useful as it moves your character backwards while throwing a dagger at enemies. This will allow you to dodge enemy attacks while staying on the offensive.

The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is finally here, and it makes one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of all time even better. It's out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Windows PC for $39.99.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree | $34.89 at CDKeys (Xbox)

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree | $34.89 at CDKeys (Xbox)

Shadow of the Erdtree is Elden Ring at its most refined, with the base game's overly formulaic elements cut away and some of FromSoftware's best boss fights. The result is a 40-hour-long masterpiece of a DLC that's an absolute must-play for any Soulsborne fan.

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Collector's Edition: Bandai Namco Store (€249.99)

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