Epic Mickey: Rebrushed gets release date and collector's edition, but PC players are going to miss out on a couple things only available on consoles

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed — Mickey near Dumbo ride.
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What you need to know

  • Disney Epic Mickey was a successful platforming game that released in 2010 on Nintendo Wii. 
  • A few months ago, we learned that the game was getting a remake in the form of Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, which will feature some changes from the original game and updated graphics. 
  • Rather than being a Nintendo exclusive, the remake is coming to all major platforms including PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. 
  • Today, THQ Nordic finally announced September 24 as the release date for Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed and the company also announced a collector's edition for the game. 
  • Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed sells for $59.99 at Best Buy.
  • Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed: Collector's Edition sells for $199.99 at Best Buy.

A few months back, we learned that the playful platformer and Nintendo Wii-exclusive, Disney Epic Mickey, was getting a remake in the form of Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, but no release date was given. That has now changed. Today, THQ Nordic announced that the game will launch on September 24, 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. It sells for $59.99. What's more, anyone who's really excited for the game can purchase the Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Collector's Edition for $199.99. It comes with some extra goodies in addition to the base game. Plus, anyone who preorders the game gets a free costume pack with iconic Mickey outfits. 

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed | Release Date Reveal | Collector’s Edition Trailer - YouTube Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed | Release Date Reveal | Collector’s Edition Trailer - YouTube
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This is all exciting news for Mickey fans and platforming fans. However, certain things are being omitted for PC. For one thing, 24-hour early access (a perk made available via preorders) is available on consoles but is "not available on PC/Steam." Additionally, it seems that the PC Collectors Edition is not available in the US at this time and it's unclear if it will be down the road. If you're in the US and really want that collector's edition for PC, you'll have to try and order it from the THQ Nordic EU website. These seem like strange oversights and it's unclear why early access isn't offered for Steam players, but at least it's only 24-hours. 

But what is in the Collector's Edition anyway? In addition to the base game (which can be on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch) buyers also get a steelbook with the main artwork on it, a 28cm Mickey figurine, six colorful postcards with scenes from the game, a tin sign depicting Mickey in a vintage art style, a keychain with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on it, a costume pack for in-game Mickey outfits, and a large box to carry all these goodies in. 

As for the Costume Pack, this preorder bonus gives you a Steamboat Willie outift, Brave Little Tailor outfit, and Football Mickey outfit. You'll recognize these as some of Mickey's most iconic roles in his classic cartoons. 

A remake that I'm really looking forward to

Back in 2010 when the original Epic Mickey released, I was a college student who didn't have any money to spend on gaming. This means I didn't have a powerful gaming laptop, nor did I own any modern consoles. Thankfully, one of my roommates had a Wii, which is how I was able to scratch my gaming itch. When the zany platformer Epic Mickey released, my friend bought it and let me play. I wasn't expecting too much from the game, but I was soon drawn in by it's interesting brush mechanics and focus on forgotten characters from the early days of Disney. So, for me, these days Epic Mickey carries some nostalgia. 

I was already excited to play THQ Nordic's remake of it, but then I learned that the publisher was changing certain elements of the game and not just doing a faithful rehash. As such, I'm excited to see what parts of the story and world have been adjusted. THQ Nordic has worked on several successful platformers with some of the latest being SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. Both of those games were insanely silly and fun to play. That last one was even a remake of a platformer I played as a kid. Due to the precedent set by those games, I expect Epic Mickey: Rebrushed to be equally enjoyable.

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It's a little odd that the PC version isn't getting early access, while the Xbox, PS5, and Switch versions are. But it is just by 24-hours, so it's not the worst wait time for PC players. I'll likely still purchase it on PC, anyway, so I can play on my ROG Ally, which is my favorite gaming handheld.

So what is Epic Mickey: Rebrushed about anyway? There might be some changes in the remake, but the original story centers on Mickey finding his way into a sorcerer's workshop (Yen Sid from Fantasia) after going through a looking glass. It's here that the mouse finds a magic paintbrush and accidentally wreaks havoc on a magical world filled with forgotten Disney characters. After getting sucked into this world, it's now Mickey's job to put things right and defeat a foe who's bent on getting in his way. 

If you've ever been to Disneyland, you'll find many elements of the game familiar because the map is largely based on an alternative version of the Disneyland park in California, but with some notable changes. As such, you'll see familiar statues, similar building layouts, and even certain attractions like the Dumbo ride. 

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed (Xbox)| $59.99 at Best Buy

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed (Xbox)| $59.99 at Best Buy

After traveling through a magic mirror, Mickey finds himself in a sorcerer's workshop where he gets his hands on a magic paint brush. Before he knows it, he's accidentally mucked up a world of forgotten Disney characters and it's up to him to set things right. 

(Xbox) Buy at: Best Buy | Walmart | Amazon

(PC) Buy at: Steam

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Collector's Edition (Xbox) | $199.99 at Best Buy

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Collector's Edition (Xbox) | $199.99 at Best Buy

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Collector's Edition nets you the base game along with a 28cm Mickey Mouse statue, steelbook, postcards, tin sign, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit keychain.

(Xbox) Buy at: Best Buy | Amazon | THQ Nordic

(PC) Buy at: THQ Nordic (EU only)

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