GameSir releases X2 Pro Mobile Controller for Cloud Gaming

GameSir X2 Pro Controller
(Image credit: GameSir)

What you need to know

  • The GameSir X2 Pro releases today for $79.99/£79.99/€89.99.
  • It is officially licensed by Xbox for its cloud gaming service.
  • The GameSir X2 Pro is built for USB type-C connectivity and comes with a customizable button layout.  

GameSir has released another third-party cloud gaming controller onto the market today. The GameSir X2 Pro model is being marketed as a direct upgrade of the well-known GameSir X2 mobile controller. Xbox seems to have given the controller its seal of approval as it's being marketed as officially licensed by Xbox for use with Xbox Cloud Gaming, and comes bundled with one month of free Game Pass Ultimate for new users.

The "pro" features boasted by the new addition to the GameSir lineup include Hall Effect analog triggers, which the brand says are accurate up to 0.1mm and programmable buttons at the rear of the controller. The back buttons can be customized at a moment's notice, which may be handy for those who like to switch between games on the move. Other customization includes the ability to switch around the ABXY layout as the buttons are magnetic and removable; anyone who's been frustrated by their muscle memory between the Xbox and the Switch should find this a welcome addition. The controller also comes with alternative sets of thumbstick caps depending on your preference for convex or concave.  

GameSir X2 Pro Controller

(Image credit: GameSir)

The controller comes in black or white, fetchingly named "Midnight" and "Moonlight" colorways. It's compatible with phones sizes 110mm-179mm in length. Like its predecessor and the GameSir X3, the GameSir X2 Pro connects directly to your mobile phone via USB-C connectivity, providing minimal input latency in contrast to Bluetooth. You are also able to charge the phone while using the controller, so there's no need to burn your battery while you're burning in the depths of Diablo Immortal

The GameSir X2 Pro is compatible with other streaming services such as Stadia, Amazon Luna, and NVIDIA GeForce Now. The GameSir X2 Pro will retail at $79.99 in the U.S., £79.99 in the U.K., and €89.99 in Europe directly through GameSir's website or Amazon.

It will be interesting to see how this controller performs compared to the others in the GameSir range, and indeed the other cloud controllers on the market. Could this turn out to be the best on the market for Xbox Cloud Gaming? Don't worry, as you can find out soon in our upcoming review. 


GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Controller

A fully customizable upgrade of the GameSir X2, this pro version of their popular controller is available now for all your cloud and mobile gaming needs.

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GameSir | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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