How to get the Acosta's Knee Guards exotic kneepads in The Division 2

Acosta's Kneepads in The Division 2
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The Division 2 Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue is here and as always, that means new exotic items for Agents to get their hands on.  

Of those, one that we're getting this season is Acosta's Knee Guards, a new pair of exotic kneepads. These are designed around movement speed, and the reference to mad parkour skills" certainly ties in with that. 

Like most recently added exotic items in The Division 2, Acosta's Knee Guards are fairly simple to get hold of. And for the first time, the new exotic items are available to all players, with the new combined endgame for everyone, regardless of owning the Warlords of New York expansion or not. 

How to get Acosta's Knee Guards in The Division 2

Level 85 is the magic number.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Acosta's Knee Guards can be acquired from the First Rogue season pass on the free track. You no longer have to own the Warlords of New York expansion in order to get access to the season pass, either. From Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue, it's available to everyone, alongside all the current endgame modes. The only content you won't have without it is the New York City map and story content. 

To get Acosta's Kneepads you need to level up your season pass to level 85. Once you do, you'll be rewarded the item, it really is that simple. 

Once you've hit that level and been awarded the item, the next level on the Season Pass will add its blueprint to your inventory so you're able to reroll the kneepads as and when you desire. 

After the season ends, it's assumed that, as with other exotic items, Acosta's Knee Guards will enter the general loot pool. Targeted farming for kneepads, especially on higher difficulty content or in Countdown, will always give you your best shot. 

How to level up your Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue rewards track quicker

Keener's back, back again.  (Image credit: Ubisoft)

There’s no definitive correct or incorrect way to go about this, as the community would recommend numerous tactics. The success of a leveling technique depends greatly on your self-assurance and capacity to engage in tougher challenges, which yield greater XP rewards.

What I usually do is a mixture of open world activities, such as Propaganda Broadcasts, Territory Control, and all those other short little activities. Set the difficulty to challenging, and they're still fairly quick to complete without being too hard. If you go up to Heroic they'll take a bit more effort, and when speed is of the essence, challenging seems to be a sweet spot. I also random matchmake into heroic missions, because you'll often end up in a group of 4 and these are usually pretty quick to complete in a group. With directives on, you can get some serious XP rewards. 

It's also worth keeping an eye on your projects, both daily and weekly, as each of these that is completed yields a sizeable XP reward. The easiest to complete is the weekly SHD requisition, which also rewards you with an exotic cache, simply for donating resources. There is a daily season pass mission, too, and daily rotations relating to locations and factions. Projects will give you basically enough XP to level up a single time, so they soon add up. 

The key is to find something you're comfortable with, that gives good XP and you can complete quickly. When you get into your rhythm, just stick with it, and watch the season pass levels tick by. 

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