How to get the Santa Jacket in The Division 2 and solve one of the trickier Winter Projects

The Santa Jacket apparel item in The Division 2
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The Division 2 is celebrating the holidays right now with a series of special Winter Projects that are unlocking a host of festive goodies for players. At the end of the project chain, there will be a special, holiday-themed named backpack to acquire, so you're going to want to complete them all along the way. 

Of the daily projects so far, most have been fairly straightforward to solve. But there's one, awarding the Santa Jacket, that's a little trickier. What you need to do isn't particularly hard, but, like me, you could well be looking for it in the wrong place. 

Here's what you need to do. 

How to locate the Hatter named boss and unlock the Santa Jacket

To get the Santa Jacket you need to locate The Hatter named boss.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The description on the project card seems pretty straightforward. You're looking for a convoy that runs between Jefferson Trade Center and the Navy Plaza Control Point overnight. But here's the kicker. 

This isn't one of the resource convoys that will spawn on your map, so you can't locate it that way. You also don't want to simply select Navy Plaza as a waypoint and follow the route the game provides you. This is the mistake I made, as while you'll encounter a number of enemies, you won't find the one you're looking for: Hatter.

What you need to do is wait until nightfall, so 21:00 onwards (check the time in-game using the Photo Mode to be sure). Then head to the point on the map shown in the image below. 

Go to the highlighted way point to the East of Jefferson Trade Center to find what you're looking for. (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you approach from the Jefferson Trade Center direction, Hatter will appear from a building on the right-hand side of the street (the one directly below the waypoint in the image above). As it's a named boss, you'll know you found the right one when you see "Hatter" above the enemy shooting at you. 

Simply despatch Hatter (you can do this on any difficulty as well, so don't make it harder than it needs to be) and you'll see an exotic drop highlighted. This is the Supply Stash you need to complete this part of the Winter Project chain. Loot it, go to the Projects menu, donate it, and you're done. One delightful Santa Jacket will be added to your inventory!

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