How to unlock the Grappling Gun in Palworld

Palworld Grapple Gun taking aim.
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If you've been playing Palworld for a while, then you know how difficult it can be to quickly travel around the map. Should your character run out of stamina and fall off a cliff face, they might just die leaving your hard-earned items up for grabs among other players. 

Big nope to that. One of the best ways to travel in these vertically challenging areas in Palworld is with a Grappling Gun. Here's how to get the Palworld Grappling Gun including an explainer for how to get the various materials needed to craft it. 

How to craft a Grappling Gun

You must be level 12 to unlock the Palworld Grappling Gun.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

In order to craft a Grappling Gun, you must first reach level 12. Then you will need to spend an Ancient Technology Point to unlock the Grappling Gun. Once the Grappling Gun is unlocked, you must go to a Workbench and craft it.

Grappling Gun description:
"It fires a hook that latches on to distant targets, pulling the user's body towards the target. It allows for easy movement between places with varying elevation."

Grappling Gun materials:
- 10x Paldium Fragments
- 10x Ingots
- 30x Fiber
- 1x Ancient Civilization Parts

How do I get the Grappling Gun materials?

Palworld base

Work on gathering materials needed to make the Grapple Gun.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Paldium Fragments are harvested from blue boulders using a Pickaxe.

Ingots are earned by using a Primitive Furnace to convert Ore to Ingots. You will need a Fire Pal out to use the furnace.

Fiber can be found by chopping down trees with an Axe. Alternatively, you can convert Wood to Fiber at a Crusher but you'll need to have a Water Pal out to run the Crusher.

Ancient Civilization Parts are earned by defeating bosses, but they aren't a guaranteed drop.

Ancient Technology Points are also earned by defeating bosses for the first time. So travel around and find a new one to defeat. 

How to use the Palworld Grappling Gun

You can use the Grapple Gun to quickly climb a cliff face.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

On PC, right click to aim and then left click to shoot the hook. If you're close enough to an object or surface, the hook will latch into it and bring you to the surface you shot at. If you're attempting to climb a surface, immediately push upward after shooting. You will likely fall a slight bit once you grapple to your intended location but overall it's more stamina efficient than simply climbing. 

Note that there is a 12 second cooldown after any  Grapple Gun firing that results in hitting something. You can watch the cooldown countdown on the bottom right of the screen next to where the temporary Pal Sphere HUD shows. 

How do you get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld?

Ancient Civilization Parts are earned by defeating bosses in Palworld. Dive into dungeons and take on these challenges in order to get these important objects. Then you can use Ancient Civilization Parts to craft special items like the Grappling Gun. 

Climb up mountains and structures faster in Palworld

You and your buddies can get around faster if you have Grappling Guns.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

All things considered, the Grapple Gun is one of the earlier things you can unlock in Palworld. One way or another, it's something you should work toward acquiring as soon as you can so that you can more easily travel around the map.

Crafting and building are integral to your success in Palword, so make sure you regularly check the Technology tab in your menu and unlock the best items. Not only will doing this give you more experience, but it will also make it easier to find more places to explore without taking as many risks. 

With the Grapple Gun, your stamina level isn't as dire. You can skip over a section of climbable surface and then use the rest of your stamina to reach the top. Of course you should make sure you have unlocked a Glider or have a Pal you can ride if you plan on climbing to tall surfaces. 

Falling damage isn't as punishing in Palworld as it is with some other games. However, it is still possible that you can fall somewhere and lose all of your items. So take care to travel safely around this fantasy world. 

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