Is Enshrouded available on Xbox?

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Is Enshrouded on Xbox?

No, Enshrouded isn't available to play on Xbox while it's in Early Access, and is currently only on Steam and GeForce Now. However, developer Keen Games has committed to bringing the game to Xbox Series X|S — as well as PS5, and other "storefronts" — after it launches fully.

Not on Xbox now, but it will be in the future

Two players about to explore the Springlands in Enshrouded. (Image credit: Windows Central)

One of the best indie surprises of early 2024 has been Enshrouded, Keen Games' new fantasy action RPG that creatively weaves survival mechanics, open world questing, and Soulslike-style combat into its gameplay systems. After launching in Early Access on January 24, the game quickly amassed one million players on Steam just four days later, and has only continued to thrive since then.

With success like that, gamers on consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox are no doubt wondering if they can jump into Enshrouded on their systems. Unfortunately, right now, Enshrouded is only playable on PC through Steam and NVIDIA GeForce Now, and will remain that way for the remainder of its Early Access period.

The good news, though, is that Keen Games says it plans to bring Enshrouded to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and other "storefronts" once the game leaves Early Access and releases officially.

"The game will be released in Steam Early Access first," the studio wrote in a pre-release FAQ. "We will eventually bring the game to other platforms (namely, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S) and storefronts, after completion."

So, there you have it. Though it's not on Xbox right now, it will, in time, make its way to Microsoft's console as well as Sony's PS5, and potentially other platforms too. It's disappointing that Xbox players have to wait, but hey, at least it's coming — and you can always play Palworld, the other game blowing up the internet right now, in the meantime. It's even on Xbox Game Pass!

When will Enshrouded release on Xbox?

A player overlooking a vast city on Enshrouded's map. (Image credit: Keen Games GmbH)

We know Enshrouded is coming to Xbox after its full launch, but when is that launch scheduled to actually happen? Currently, the developers are planning to officially release the game "within a year," which means that we'll likely see the full version arrive in January 2025 or sooner.

"Our current goal is to take the game out of Early Access within a year," said Keen Games on Enshrouded's Steam page. "We firmly believe that by then we can offer a game that is worthy of your time, money and will bring you fun for years to come."

Of course, plans can always change, and notably, the developers have stated that their release plans depend "on you and your feedback." If players have significant issues with how the game shapes up as its development continues, Keen Games may delay the complete launch. At the moment, though, you should expect Enshrouded to come out of Early Access near or just after the start of 2025.

The Xbox version of the game may launch at or around the same time, though it may also come to Microsoft's console and other platforms at a later date. Ultimately, it will depend on how far along these versions of the game are when Enshrouded leaves Early Access. For now, fans will have to wait patiently until Keen Games is ready to share more information. 

Enshrouded is available now on PC through Steam Early Access for $30. It's rapidly become one of the best PC games to play right now, especially if you're a fan of fantasy worlds, survival gameplay, and action RPG combat.

Enshrouded (Early Access) — $29.99 at Steam (PC)

Enshrouded (Early Access) — $29.99 at Steam (PC)

This dark fantasy ARPG from Keen Games creatively blends Soulslike combat with open world exploration and survival game mechanics, and has quickly become one of 2024's most popular new games.

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