Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth showcases how players can built their own slice of paradise

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth gameplay and cinematic screenshots
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What you need to know

  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the continuation of formerly named Yakuza series
  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the latest sequel to the series
  • A major side activity, DonDoko Island was revealed at the Xbox Preview event
  • Players can gather materials and customize their island for themselves and tourists while keeping it safe from creatures and other entities hoping to cause harm.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is set to be a wondrously out-there game that features whacky characters, equally whacky side activities, and turn-based combat. Each character can choose a sort of class or "job" that gives the player unique perks and skills to use. Whether you're a veteran returning to the series or a newcomer, Infinite Wealth promises to be a jumping-in point for either player.

In a press release prior to the show, Xbox shared the following information on the studios latest creation, 

"During today's Xbox Partner Preview, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio shared an exclusive look at one of the major side actives available to players in the upcoming Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, putting Kasuga to work and managing his own little piece of paradise: Dondoko Island! Check out our interview with RGG Studio Chief Producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto here on Xbox Wire to get some new details on the upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, set to hit Xbox Series X|S and Windows on January 26, 2024."

Xbox Wire asked when the island feature was playable, as well as how it tied back into the main game, "Dondoko Island will be unlocked through a side-story that will be available at the start of Chapter 6... ...This feature is independent from the main story so you will be able to play through at your own pace." Check out the full interview for even more tidbits of information to satiate the palettes of series vets.

The game features a wide array of fun customizations you can make for your island that is fueled by material gathering in the surrounding area. Making it beautiful and luxurious for tourists while kicking out unwanted fiends, from creatures to baddies. All this, and it's only a side activity! I look forward to making my own little slice of paradise. Coming to Xbox X|S, Windows, and PlayStation 4|5 on January 26th.

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