Marvel Snap is now available on Steam

Marvel Snap Spiderman
(Image credit: Nuverse)

What you need to know

  • Marvel Snap is the popular card battling game that features popular and well known Marvel characters including Spiderman, Deadpool and Blade.
  • Previously only available on mobile, Second Dinner announced during Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live that they had just shadow dropped Marvel Snap on Steam for PC.
  • Marvel Snap is free to play.

If you thought the launch of Age of Empires 4 on Xbox was the only shadow drop happening at Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live you were wrong.  Marvel Snap, the wildly popular free to play mobile game from Second Dinner and published by Nuverse was just shadow dropped onto Steam. Fans of the game have previously had access to Marvel Snap on PC, though the PC version was previously just a port of mobile version and did not feature support for widescreens. 

The new Steam release for Marvel Snap features widescreen support and all new, refreshed UI that is more suitable for gaming on a PC.  Designed as a strategy game, players can build 12-card decks that represent everybody's favorite Marvel superheroes and villains, each of whom is equipped with a special power or ability. Marvel Snap is free to play, and new players will receive a starter deck so that they can learn to play and then quickly jump into the short 3-minute matches. 

To celebrate the official PC launch, players who log in to Marvel Snap on a PC will receive a Mech Devil Dinosaur variant for free. Marvel Snap features cross-platform support, though will need to register an account to take advantage of sharing progress between mobile and PC versions of the game.

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