Metaphor: ReFantazio gets a new trailer at The Game Awards 2023

Metaphor ReFantazio key art
(Image credit: Atlus)

What you need to know

  • Metaphor: ReFantazio is a JRPG being developed by Studio Zero and published by Atlus that was announced earlier in the year. 
  • The game appears to mash up a number of different settings for something truly unique. 
  • A new trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio was shown off during the Game Awards 2023, showing off snippets of gameplay. 
  • Metaphor: ReFantazio is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2024.

The next completely new game from Atlus continues to look bonkers.

Metaphor ReFantazio, a new JPRG from Persona franchise developer Atlus, is still on the way, and the team pulled up to the Game Awards 2023 with a brand-new trailer. In it, we see a tournament unfolding that will determine rule of the throne. Check out the trailer below:

There's no exact release date right now, but Metaphor: ReFantazio is currently slated to launch at some point in Fall 2024 across Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

Analysis: Cool, but I need to see more

Atlus isn't one to shy away from wackiness in tone and aesthetic, but this is well above and beyond anything in the Persona games. I'm curious about how this project will unfold, but it's always neat to see developers stretching into new territory, and assuming nothing gets delayed, JRPG fans will have something very unique to look forward to late next year. 

Samuel Tolbert
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