Microsoft Flight Simulator's latest world update expands the Nordics and Greenland

Microsoft Flight Simulator world update XV expands on the Nordics and Greenland.
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator was released on PC in 2020, with the Xbox Series X|S version being released in 2021.
  • Since its initial launch, the game has received free post-launch content and support.
  • The most recent update, World Update XV,  expands the Nordics and Greenland. It adds 90 new points of interest along with five new airports and new challenges for players.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has announced World Update XV is now live, bringing an array of upgrades and new interests to the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been on the receiving end of sweeping improvements by the MSFS Team, with World Update XV focusing on Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

The latest visual updates to Flight Simulator come with Microsoft's Partners at Bing Maps, Vexcel, Maxar, Gaya Simulations, Orbx, and Kjetil Garpestad as the team brings broad, high-resolution geographic updates. The areas of Iceland, Norway, and Sweden benefit from significantly enhanced DEMs (digital elevation models), while all areas receive fresh aerial imagery and satellite data.

Players can also look forward to 90 hand-made points of interest scattered across the region, 10 TIN (triangulated irregular network) cities, and five hand-crafted airports. Among the new TIN options, players can expect to see five in Denmark, four in Sweden, and Oslo in Norway.

There's more to sightseeing in Flight Simulator, though, and players can also partake in ten new activities. These include four discovery flights in Bergen, Norway; Gothenburg, Sweden; the Faroe Islands of Denmark; and Reykjavík, Iceland. Three landing challenges will take simmers to Akureyri Airport in northern Iceland, Ekeby Airport in Sweden, and Norway's Mo i Rana Airport.

World Update XV's new points of interest (POIs) include:

  • Farø Bridges (Denmark)
  • Gråsten Palace (Denmark)
  • Ribe Cathedral (Denmark)
  • Bengtskär Lighthouse (Finland)
  • Kökar church (Finland)
  • Tähtiniemi Bridge (Finland)
  • Arctic Station (Greenland)
  • EastGRIP (Greenland)
  • Summit Station (Greenland)
  • Knarrarós Lighthouse (Iceland)
  • Laugardalsvöllur Stadium (Iceland)
  • Ólafsvíkurkirkja Church (Iceland)
  • Andenes Lighthouse (Norway)
  • Gjemnessund Bridge (Norway)
  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway)
  • Älvsborg Bridge (Sweden)
  • Arctic Space Centre (Sweden)
  • Aurora Sky Station (Sweden)

Microsoft Flight Simulator's World Update XV: Nordics and Greenland is available now, for free, for all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, Xbox, and the cloud. Check out our recommendations of the best pre-built PCs for Microsoft Flight Simulator to jump into the latest content.

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