Minecraft Legends to get more Lost Legends challenges, new mobs and structures, and more

Image of Minecraft Legends and upcoming content updates.
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What you need to know

  • Minecraft Legends is a unique action-strategy spin-off Minecraft game released earlier this year.
  • During Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang Studios recapped the journey the game has taken so far.
  • The studio also announced the next two Lost Legends challenges coming in October and December.
  • Minecraft Legends is getting new content this year, too, with new structures and mobs like the Frog and Witch.

Minecraft Legends has enjoyed an interesting life so far. The game released earlier this year to mixed reception (I really enjoyed it in my Minecraft Legends review, but admitted the game was flawed), but has steadily improved since then with several updates and some major improvements. During this year's Minecraft Live event, Mojang Studios looked back at Minecraft Legends since its release in April 2023.

Of course, the retrospective didn't last long before the Minecraft Legends team turned to the future instead. The Minecraft spin-off still has a lot of life ahead of it, with a variety of updates heading to players before the close of the year. Two more Lost Legends challenges are heading to the game in the coming months, while a more significant content update will arrive in December with some new features and improvements.

It's been a busy year for the Minecraft Legends team! After a successful launch in April, we turned to our fantastic community to understand what they were enjoying, what needed to be improved, and what we could add to make the game better," said Mojang Studios' Craig Leigh. "Over the last 6 months the team have focused on greatly improving key systems and adding brand new features. We're excited to see the community's reaction to the new content announced at Minecraft Live."

You can check out some images of the upcoming content below, and continue on for some more information on exactly what you can expect for Minecraft Legends moving forward. Despite the shaky release, Mojang Studios isn't giving up on its unique action-strategy experiment.

First, the "Creeper Clash" Lost Legend challenge is coming just in time for Spooky Season, releasing to players in a few days on Oct. 19, 2023. After that, players can expect the new "Snow vs. Snout" Lost Legend at some point in December. In case you weren't aware, Lost Legends are aimed to provide players with unique challenges outside of the core gameplay experience, with players able to earn exclusive rewards for completing them.

Minecraft Legends' core game is still set to improve, however, with new content and features dropping at some point in Dec. 2023, too. It's the follow-up to the game's earlier (and first) major content update, which let players pet animals and brought major improvements to the PvP and campaign. This time around, players can expect the Frog to join the limited list of available mounts, a new Piglin enemy to encounter (and an accompanying Piglin structure), and the arrival of the Witch — a helpful ally players can recruit that throw potions.

Minecraft Legends still isn't perfect, but I maintain that it's one of the best Xbox games for strategy fans that want a more casual or co-op focused experience. It has also already improve quite a lot since its release, and it's set to improve a whole lot more. For more information on the future of Minecraft and its related projects, be sure to tune into Windows Central's live coverage of Minecraft Live 2023.

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