Minecraft to get new Star Wars: Path of the Jedi and educational Planet Earth III DLC

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft regularly enjoys new DLC and content through partnerships between Mojang Studios and other companies.
  • During Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang Studios revealed two new DLCs coming to Minecraft in the future.
  • Star Wars: Path of the Jedi comes to the Minecraft Marketplace on Nov. 7, 2023, and lets players begin their journey as a Padawan training to be a Jedi Knight.
  • In 2024, Planet Earth III will come to Minecraft: Education Edition and the Minecraft Marketplace to help players explore nature and meet a variety of animals.

The Minecraft Marketplace is packed with adventure worlds, maps, texture packs, skins, and much more, from Mojang Studios, community creators, and official third-party developers. During this year's Minecraft Live event, Mojang Studios revealed two new DLCs coming to Minecraft in the future. One will let players live out their fantasy as a Jedi in the Star Wars universe, while the other is an educational experience that will help players explore nature.

Neither DLC will be available to players immediately, but you can at least mark your calendars for when they will arrive. The first up is Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, an adventure world coming to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition through the Minecraft Marketplace on Nov. 7, 2023.

Next is Planet Earth III, a follow-up to Mojang Studios' previous collaboration with BBC Earth on Frozen Planet II for Minecraft. Like that previous game, this DLC is coming to Minecraft: Education Edition sometime in 2024 to help educate students and children on the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting it. It'll also be available through the Minecraft Marketplace for the Bedrock Edition for anyone to enjoy (likely for free, like other Education Edition DLCs).

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi will allow players to begin their journey as a Padawan, slowly working their way up to the rank of Jedi Knight. You'll learn various Force abilities, meet iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, and explore a variety of infamous Star Wars locations. This is a full-blown adventure world, so there will be a lot of unique content for players to enjoy not present in vanilla Minecraft. It'll be available from Nov. 7 as a paid DLC. Players will also be able to redeem a free Minecraft Creator item alongside its release.

Minecraft's Planet Earth III DLC is coinciding with the release of the BBC Earth series of the same name, airing this Fall. Of course, the DLC is actually arriving for Minecraft: Education Edition players and in the Minecraft Marketplace sometime in early 2024. Players will be able to explore a variety of biomes and meet multiple unique animals, immersing themselves in nature. The overarching message is the importance of protecting nature.

Stay tuned to Windows Central's coverage of Minecraft Live 2023 for more of the latest news and reveals for one of the best Xbox games you can play. There's a lot more information to come, as Mojang Studios announces the future for the Minecraft universe, including the next major Minecraft update and what comes next for Minecraft Legends.

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