Minecraft Preview also brings Vex redesign, other minor changes

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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios is currently testing a redesign of the Vex, the hostile mob that is summoned by Evokers.
  • Minecraft Preview players can now join Minecraft: Java Edition players in the fun with a new build.
  • Minecraft Preview includes the newly updated Vex on top of a handful of other changes and fixes.

On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released a new set of pre-release Minecraft builds for players to test across every platform, with a key feature headlining both updates. The Vex mob, an uncommon hostile mob summoned by dangerous Evokers, is finally getting redesigned to make it more consistent with Minecraft's wider visual art design.

The latest Minecraft Preview build follows its Minecraft: Java Edition counterpart in redesigning the Vex. With the update, the Vex is now visually similar to the Allay, except with more aggressive wings, eyes, and coloring. Of course, the Vex also carries a deadly sword with which it attacks its victims. Mojang Studios is also updating the Vex's hitbox to make the tiny creature a little less frustrating to fight.

Minecraft players can now install the Preview build and search out the new Vex for themselves. There are other minor updates and bug fixes included in this release, but the focus is certainly on making the Vex deserving of a place within one of Xbox's most successful games. Pending testing and community feedback, the Vex's updated design should roll out to all players in a future update.

The full changelog for Minecraft Preview includes:

Features & bug fixes


  • Running `/execute align xyz entity` now produces a command error instead of crashing


  • Fixed a bug where players could get moved to the other side of a wall when close to a retracting Piston
  • Fixed Beehives not gaining honey when a Bee with nectar exits


  • Updated Vex model and texture
    • The Vex retains a slightly larger hitbox to make it easier to fight

Touch controls

  • Made keyboard input consistent with other control modes when the player is flying and using touch controls
    • Now, double pressing the "Space" key can correctly disable flying in touch control mode
  • Fixed an issue which prevented items from being discarded in the extended Creative Mode inventory by dropping them on another item

Technical updates


  • `input_ground_controlled` no longer implies increased auto step when controlled by player
    • The `variable_max_auto_step` component can be used instead
    • To have consistency with previous versions use `base_value`: `1.0625` and `jump_prevented_value`: `0.5625`

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft 1.20 is heading to all players within the next year, and players can continue to test its features early with Minecraft Preview builds. The next major content update for Minecraft is all about player expression and representation.

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