Minecraft 1.19 'The Wild Update' officially releases on June 7

Hero art for Minecraft's The Wild Update.
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What you need to know

  • The next major content update for Minecraft is The Wild Update, and it's nearly ready for release.
  • Mojang Studios has announced that Minecraft 1.19 "The Wild Update" is officially releasing on June 7, 2022.
  • The update will bring two new biomes, several new mobs, and other additional blocks and gameplay features.
  • The Wild Update will launch simultaneously on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Mojang Studios has been working in tandem with the Minecraft community to develop The Wild Update, the next content update for one of the world's most successful survival games. The Wild Update will bring plenty of new features and content to Minecraft, and it's now just around the corner.

Mojang Studios has announced that Minecraft 1.19 "The Wild Update" is officially releasing on June 7, 2022, bringing to a close months of active development and testing. When it arrives, The Wild Update will add a ton of new features to Minecraft for free, including:

  • Two new overworld biomes:
    • Mangrove swamps, which feature new mangrove trees and roots, mud blocks, frogs, and froglight blocks
    • The Deep Dark, buried far below the earth, which features durable deepslate, shriekers and sculk blocks, terrifying warden mobs, and new Ancient City structures
  • Five new mobs:
    • Tadpoles and frogs, which grow from frogspawn, come in different varieties depending on the temperature of the biome in which they live, eat tiny slime blocks, and produce froglight blocks
    • Allay, which collects items similar to the one it holds, becomes attached to note blocks, and all-in-all is a friendly companion to any player
    • Shriekers, which give off powerful screeches if they detect vibrations through sculk blocks, which are everywhere in the Deep Dark
    • Wardens, which hide buried within the Deep Dark, and will attack players that make too much noise. Wardens are powerful foes, with crushing physical attacks and a ranged "sonic boom" attack
  • New gameplay features:
    • Much of The Wild Update's new gameplay features are focused around the Deep Dark biome, a dangerous location that requires plenty of caution and preparation
    • With The Wild Update, everything that makes sound actually causes vibrations, which can be detected by sculk blocks. Sculk blocks that detect vibration produce a  proportionate redstone signal, which can alert shriekers
    • If the noise you made wasn't enough on its own to alert any wardens in the area, the screech of a shrieker absolutely will
    • Wardens are dangerous enemies, and shouldn't be battled unless you absolutely have to. They're blind, and respond to primarily sound
    • If you brave the Deep Dark and keep quiet enough, you may be able to secure some incredibly valuable loot from Ancient City structures

Minecraft players have plenty to explore in the new update, even if The Wild Update isn't quite as ambitious or epic as its predecessor, the Caves and Cliffs Update. Unfortunately, a handful of planned features for The Wild Update were removed, while other previously announced features still haven't arrived. Fireflies aren't coming to Minecraft, birch forest biomes aren't being overhauled, and archaeology is still missing after its delay out of the Caves and Cliffs Update.

Despite this, The Wild Update is shaping up to be an excellent release, and cements Minecraft's place as one of the greatest games on Xbox, and PC. When Minecraft 1.19 "The Wild Update" is released on June 7, 2022, it'll arrive simultaneously on all Minecraft platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

The Wild Update is almost here, and it'll bring a plethora of new content to Minecraft for free, including multiple new biomes, mobs, blocks and items, and more.

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