Monster Hunter Wilds gameplay trailer shows fierce combat coming to Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC in 2025

Monster Hunter Wilds riders
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What you need to know

  • Monster Hunter Wilds is the next mainline Monster Hunter game being developed and published by Capcom. 
  • First revealed during the Game Awards 2023, Capcom showed off some gameplay footage for Monster Hunter Wilds during the May 2024 State of Play. 
  • Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5 at some point in 2025.

Players can grab their weapons of choice as they head back into the wild. 

Capcom showed up during the May 2024 PlayStation State of Play to provide a new look at Monster Hunter Wilds, the next entry in the long-running Monster Hunter franchise that was first announced back during the Game Awards 2023. You can check out the first look at gameplay in Monster Hunter Wilds below:

This first look at the gameplay shows massive open spaces to explore, with dense herds and packs of creatures roaming the land. We also get to see how some iconic weapons look in action, as well as a brief glimpse of the improved character models of some of our companions in this vast land.

Players returning from the prior big entry in the series, Monster Hunter World, as well as its 2019 Iceborne expansion, can look forward to some nifty bonuses as long as they've got their save data. Here's the details on what you'll get for being a veteran player:

  • Monster Hunter World save data: Felyne Leather armor set, Felyne Acorn Spade weapon
  • Monster Hunter World Iceborne save data: Felyne Duffel armor set, Felyne Trekker Peckaxe weapon

Monster Hunter Wilds is slated to launch at some point in 2025. When it does, it'll be available across Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC (via Steam), and PlayStation 5.

Analysis: I'm already ready to head in

I absolutely loved Monster Hunter World (which my introduction to the series) so of course I'm looking forward to Monster Hunter Wilds. Despite not having played a game in the franchise before Monster Hunter World, I instantly took to the combat and playstyle, and it's not hard at all to understand why Monster Hunter World became Capcom's best-selling game of all time, with over 20 million copies sold since launch.

From this glimpse of the gameplay in Monster Hunter Wilds, it looks like more of what I enjoyed previously, with fun, thoughtful combat in an open space filled to the brim with powerful creatures. I definitely hope we learn more soon, but I'm confident this'll be a fantastic experience. I'm also curious what monsters will be returning from World and who will be missing out in the Wilds. There's some seemingly obvious answers, but very little confirmed so far.

While we wait for more information, be sure to check out this analysis of the first trailer from my colleague Alexander Cope, who goes over a few details that players might've missed when watching the reveal a few months ago.

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