Overwatch 2's Bastion and Torbjorn disabled due to game-breaking bugs

Bastion and Torbjorn fighting in Overwatch 2.
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What you need to know

  • Overwatch 2's Bastion and Torbjorn heroes have been temporarily disabled in Competitive, with Bastion also unavailable in Quick Play and other casual modes.
  • This is due to exploits with both heroes that allowed players to extend the duration of Bastion's Artillery Ultimate and Torbjorn's Overload ability.
  • These heroes will remain unavailable until the developers are able to deploy a fix.

While Overwatch 2's launch period has been weighed down by a wide variety of significant technical issues, most of them haven't had much of an impact on the hero shooter's overall gameplay. This hasn't been the case with bugs affecting the game's Bastion and Torbjorn heroes, however, as exploits that allow Bastion's Artillery Ultimate and Torbjorn's Overload ability to last longer than intended have been abused by a variety of players since Overwatch 2 released. In response to these exploits, developer Blizzard has disabled both heroes in Competitive play, and they'll remain unusable until a fix has been deployed. Additionally, Bastion has also been disabled in other modes as well, although Torbjorn has not.

The bug that turned Bastion's Artillery ult into a terrifying superweapon was particularly overpowered, as it allowed Bastion players to fire upwards of 20 artillery shells all over the map when executed correctly (normally, you can only shoot three). This practically guaranteed multiple kills, and could also be used to completely prevent players from contesting objectives for extended periods of time.

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

The glitch that allows Torbjorn to use Overload again right before the ability's duration ends is less severe, though it does allow Torbjorn players to buff themselves with extra health and firing speed for double the amount of time that they normally can. As a result, the developers have kept the hero playable in Quick Play and other casual modes, though you still won't be able to use him in Competitive until this issue is resolved.

Overall, it's good to see Blizzard act quickly and disable these heroes before the aforementioned exploits ended up ruining too many Competitive matches. Hopefully the developers are able to fix the bugs soon, because I've been having a ton of fun with the Bastion's Overwatch 2 rework.

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