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Diablo Immortal Key Art Classes
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The world of Sanctuary has been thrown into absolute chaos following the events of Diablo II. The Worldstone has been shattered, and the foul minions of Diablo are vying to obtain the broken pieces and use them to bring their evil master back to life.

If players wish to prevent Diablo’s return, they will need to take arms and learn to master one of the many classes of Diablo Immortal. These classes range from nigh-unkillable Barbarians, magic-wielding Wizards, and even Necromancers that raise armies of undead soldiers in battle, and more.

With a plethora of classes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to start out with that fits your playstyle. So, we have compiled a list of all the available classes in Diablo Immortal to help you choose when first venturing forth into the world of Sanctuary. 


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The Barbarian is a savage class that relies on brute force and unyielding anger to destroy their enemies. A Barbarian’s primary method of dealing damage is by cleaving hordes of monsters in twain using a pair of sharp hand axes.

If a Barbarian gets overwhelmed, they can go into a berserker rage to shrug off their wounds and double their attack power to decimate the opposition. Barbarians can also use their ire to motivate fellow allies to tap into their inner rage and deal more damage on their end.


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The Crusader is a paladin-inspired class that focuses on protecting their party and smiting enemies with holy light. They ride into battle on a majestic steed and bear down on their foes with swords, maces, and morning stars. They also wield a massive tower shield that can defend against attacks and push enemies back to give your party breathing room.

When the tide of battle is going astray, the Paladin can call upon their faith to unleash divine judgment on their enemies and burn them to ashes. Their holy magics can also aid allies by erecting barriers to protect them from harm and banners that inspire the party to fight harder.

Demon Hunter

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As the name implies, the Demon Hunter class is an assassin trained to hunt down and kill demons. They make up for their lack of physical strength with unrelenting firepower, shooting at their quarry from a safe distance using their hand-held crossbows.

When backed into a corner, they can use traps or their innate agility to get out of harm’s way and hit a foe’s blind spot in the process. However, never anger a Demon Hunter, for they have the power to become a physical avatar of vengeance itself and rain death on their enemies with a hailstorm of crossbow bolts.


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The Monk class is a martial artist who can bring down legions of foes with only their fists. They have gone through so much physical training that they can punch through solid steel or jump high into the sky to kick airborne foes back down to the ground.

Monks can tap into their inner lifeforce to conjure up spiritual copies of themselves for extra manpower or increase their speed to dance circles around their adversaries. They can also use their lifeforce to protect their party members from incoming damage by creating spirit shields.


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The Necromancer is a sinister class whose main draw is summoning armies of the dead and commanding them to destroy all who stand in their path. The undead minions a Necromancer who can call forth include sword-wielding skeletal knights, towering undead golems, and skeleton mages that blast foes with magic. A Necromancer can also their powers to curse the corpses of their enemies and turn them into bombs that explode upon contact.

Necromancers fundamentally fight at long range by casting curses and dark magic using daggers, staves, and scythes as catalysts. If an enemy manages to get up close to a Necromancer, they can transform into an incorporeal wraith and become invulnerable to attacks for a short time.


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The Wizard is the classic spell-casting class that brings death and devastation to all foes on the battlefield through explosive elemental magic. They channel the mysterious energies of the arcane to freeze enemies with ice attacks, shock them with lightning spells, and crush them with meteor showers.

The most powerful spells in a Wizard’s repertoire allow them to manipulate reality itself. They can dodge enemy attacks by teleporting, slow down time to bring enemy movements to a halt, and even create black holes that suck multiple foes into one spot. Once a Wizard gathers a group of targets together, they can let loose the Disintegrate spell to reduce them to atoms, leaving no trace of their existence behind.

Which class will you slay demons with?

With that, you now know all the classes currently available in Diablo Immortal. As Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play multiplayer-focused PC game, we could be seeing more classes added in post-launch updates. For example, the Witch Doctor from Diablo III could make a comeback in this game along with new original classes. We will continue to update this list if more classes are introduced in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is now available on iOS and Android devices, and an Open Beta for the PC version will launch on June 2, 2022.

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