Fantasy MMO Pax Dei is coming to PC and cloud gaming platforms

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What you need to know

  • Today, Mainframe Industries revealed its upcoming fantasy game called Pax Dei. 
  • This is a brand new "social sandbox MMO" created by "veterans of the genre."
  • No set release date has been announced for the game just yet. 

This morning, Mainframe Industries announced its brand-new fantasy game, Pax Dei. The official Pax Dei website calls this a "social sandbox MMO" that has been created by veterans of the genre and will provide player-driven and community-driven gameplay. 

Mainframe Industries is made up of a team of gaming veterans who have worked for other big gaming studios such as CCP, Remedy, Next Games, Ninja Theory, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, Rovio, and more. The gorgeous aesthetic for this upcoming title centers around mythology and the medieval era while the visuals are being created using Unreal Engine 5.

“With Pax Dei, we’re inviting players to a Dark Age of wonder, where myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is not questioned”, said Reynir Hardarson, Game Director and co-Founder “Pax Dei was created for open-world play in the truest sense, and we can’t wait to see how players engage with our world and watch their stories emerge.” 

This sandbox gameplay apparently will allow players to determine their own focuses while gameplay is intended to accommodate various play styles. In addition to fighting enemies, exploring fantasy landscapes, and the usual adventuring, players can do many other things in-game. This includes locating the perfect place for creating a home and even working together with other players to create a prosperous cooperative village. 

As far as combat goes, both PVE and PVP combat will be available. Everything from hunting down legendary beasts to fighting other players for clan leadership will be included. When not focusing on battles, players will apparently be able to do several different things like picking flowers, skinning a basilisk, or making other decisions. 

Pax Dei might just join our list of the best PC games as it's releasing for Steam sometime in the future. No official release date has been revealed yet. The game is also currently in development for cloud gaming platforms, which most likely means NVIDIA GeForce Now and/or Xbox Cloud Gaming, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Pax Dei | Coming soon to Steam

Pax Dei | Coming soon to Steam

Run around a fantasy world with thousands of other players in this social sandbox MMO. You can explore the land, build your home, uncover mysteries, go on adventures, and much more. 

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