Surface Pro meets Nintendo Switch in this gaming handheld with a massive screen

OneXPlayer X1 gaming PC
Game controllers can be attached to the OneXPlayer X1. (Image credit: ONE-NETBOOK)

What you need to know

  • The OneXPlayer X1 is a newly announced gaming handheld that's also a small laptop.
  • The device has a 10.95-inch screen and supports a magnetic keyboard and split game controls similar to a Nintendo Switch.
  • The OneXPlayer X1 runs on up to an Intel Core Ultra 7 and Intel Arc graphics.
  • Since the product was officially announced in China, we don't have US pricing at this time.

2-in-1s are old school, apparently. The future is the 3-in-1, based on the newly announced OneXPlayer X1. The device is marketed as the "world's first large-screen 3-in-1 handheld." That's a lot of caveats to be a world's first, but the device is certainly intriguing.

The OneXPlayer X1 is a portable PC that can act as a standalone tablet, laptop, or handheld gaming console. It looks somewhat like a Surface Pro merged with a Nintendo Switch. Inside, it runs on up to an Intel Core 7 processor and Intel Arc graphics, so it should be able to handle many of the best PC games. Of course, we'll have to see real-world performance to judge the OneXPlayer X1 and experience will vary based on the title running.

While there is an Indiegogo page for the OneXPlayer X1, most of the details we saw this week came courtesy of ITHome, which covered the announcement of the PC in China. Pricing details for the device have been converted to US dollars throughout this piece, but we don't have confirmed pricing for the device in the US at this time.

OneXPlayer X1 specs

OneXPlayer X1 gaming PC

The OneXPlayer X1 supports a magnetic keyboard and has a built-in kickstand. (Image credit: ONE-NETBOOK)
OneXPlayer X1 specs

CPU: Up to Intel Core Ultra 155H
GPU: Intel Arc
Screen: 10.95-inch, 2560 x 1600, 120Hz
Connectivity: Thunderbolt 4, Oculink, USB 4
Weight: 798 grams
Battery: 65.02Wh, 100W rapid charging

The OneXPlayer X1 will be available with either an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H or an Intel Core Ultra 5 125U. Those chips are part of the new Core Ultra mobile CPUs Intel unveiled last month. Intel Arc graphics are onboard as well, as those are integrated into the new Core Ultra processors.

The 11-inch screen of the OneXPlayer X1 has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a 120Hz refresh rate. The PC has up to a 64GB SSD for memory as well, which is quite respectable for a portable PC.

A demo of the OneXPlayer X1 showed the PC running Cyberpunk 2077 at over 60 FPS, though we'll have to see how the system stands up to real-world testing.

In addition to its impressive internal specs, the OneXPlayer X1 supports a range of connectivity options. OCuLink support allows you to connect PCIe devices with a cable. The PC also supports Thunderbolt 4.

A gaming Surface Pro?

While the OneXPlayer X1 is smaller than Surface Pro devices, it has a lot in common with Microsoft's flagship 2-in-1. The OneXPlayer X1 has a built-in kickstand and a magnetic keyboard with a trackpad that can attach to the display of the device. I don't recommend gaming on a 10-inch keyboard, but it should be just fine for general productivity and browsing the web. You could game on the compact keyboard in a pinch or if you're on the go.

Unfortunately, ONE-NETBOOK took inspiration from Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup in more ways than one. In addition to having a similar kickstand and keyboard, ONE-NETBOOK emulated the pricing approach to the Surface Pro family, meaning you have to purchase accessories separately. The magnetic keyboard costs $56 and the game controllers cost another $56 (pricing converted).

It's frustrating that the OneXPlayer X1 is advertised as a 3-in-1 but is sold on its own as just a tablet. I know that's common in the industry, but I'm just as frustrated when Microsoft does it.

Pricing for the OneXPlayer X1 starts at 925 for the Intel Core Ultra 5 model on its own. The Intel Core Ultra 7 starts at $1,100. If you want the 3-in-1 experience, expect to pay at least $1,037.

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