Valve boosts production to ship more than double Steam Deck units

Steam Deck right joystick
(Image credit: Miles Dompier | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The official Steam Deck Twitter account announced that the number of Steam Deck consoles shipping has increased by more than double.
  • Steam Deck orders still operate on a reservation queue system, with customers receiving emails when their console is ready to buy.
  • Q2 reservation emails should arrive soon.

Heading to the official Steam Deck Twitter account, the development team within Valve was pleased to announce that the number of Steam Deck units has more than doubled after production has increased. Lawrence Yang, a designer within the team, confirmed the increase of units currently being despatched to customers.

Excited fans who had their orders in advance should feel more at ease about waiting anxiously for their reservation emails to arrive. The Steam Deck team clarified that Q2 reservation emails are coming to a close, and anyone still waiting for theirs should see them arriving in their inboxes shortly, with the Q3 period starting on June 30. The Steam Deck still uses a reservation-based system, but hopefully, this boost to production will reduce wait times.

Valve allows a 72-hour window to complete your order, but Steam Support is not unheard of to bend the rules for customers with legitimate issues accessing their emails, so don't fret if you haven't seen yours yet. The dev team claims this grace period can extend your window by a few days.

A significant increase in production for Steam Deck is fantastic news, but Valve still has a long way to go to fulfill its orders. The console is still one of the top sellers on Steam since launching in July 2021. Still, many customers are feeling the pain of extended wait times, and the official Steam Deck docking station was delayed due to manufacturing issues blamed in part on complications caused by COVID.

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