When is The Day Before release date on PC?

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The Day Before on PC: When is its release date?

The tale of The Day Before is quite something, and many have been speculating for some time whether it would ever exist as a playable game. Initially we were told to expect it this month, but after some legal challenges to get the rights to its name back, that has now been pushed to December 7. It will also be launching into Steam Early Access. However, treat it with caution, because until it's actually available there's reason to have some doubts. 

The Day Before has a release date, sort of, but there are questions

Right now, the official word is that The Day Before will launch on PC only on December 7, 2023. The caveat is that this will be a Steam Early Access launch, which isn't uncommon, with the full release coming when the developer, Fntastic, is happy it's finished. That's fine, all sounds good. 

The console release is apparently being held until this unknown full release date, which again, is totally fine assuming it's in a good state and is actually ready to release. 

However, there is reason for caution. The Day Before is a saga, with legal issues around the name, complaints about ripping off The Last Of Us for its logo, and using assets from other games including Call of Duty and The Division 2. 

Despite having gameplay trailers, one of which you can see above, to say there's a cloud hanging over whatever The Day Before is actually going to be is an understatement. 

Luckily, nobody is being given a chance to hand over any money for it yet. You can wishlist it on Steam, but that's it. 

There is a beta, but not for you

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One of the other criticisms levelled, fairly I might add, at The Day Before is surrounding its beta. Earlier in 2023 Fntastic told the world there would be a beta before the game actually launched in any form. 

Fast-forward to now and that beta is going to be available, apparently, but not to you or I. Instead it'll be available only to Fntastic "volunteers," some of which are company employees, others are actual volunteers doing work for free (that's a whole other drama I won't get into here). 

So with a month until the early access launch, there will allegedly be a beta test, providing feedback, but the people who are actually wanting to play the game won't see it and will presumably have to take Fntastic at its word. 

The early access launch will cost $39, rising to $49 when it hits full release, though early access backers won't have to stump up any extra. Tread carefully though. There's a huge amount of interest in this game for many different reasons, but right now we're just hoping we're not being catfished and come December 7, there's some kind of decent game to enjoy. 

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