Redfall flies onto Xbox and PC this May, shows off new gameplay

Redfall vampire nest heart
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What you need to know

  • Redfall is an upcoming co-op multiplayer shooter hailing from Arkane Studios and Xbox Game Studios.
  • A new gameplay trailer was revealed during the Xbox Developer_Direct show.
  • The trailer featured plenty of gameplay, details on upgrades and weapons, peeks at bosses, and much more.
  • Redfall officially launches on May 2, 2023 for Xbox and Windows PCs, and is available to preorder now.

Redfall, the upcoming co-op shooter from Arkane Austin and Xbox Game Studios, was the action-packed conclusion to the Xbox Developer_Direct show. A bunch of sinister, chaotic gameplay footage was revealed, giving players a good look at what to expect from the game, including a threatening looking mini-boss in The Rook.

Redfall's appearance during the Xbox Developer_Direct show included a hefty amount of gameplay footage, complete with director commentary. Players who have been keeping an eye on Redfall will definitely want to pay attention, as there's a lot to unpack. For example, Redfall features a dedicated main story, but there are also side quests that involve taking back Redfall from the vampire neighborhood by neighborhood, including challenging powerful vampire bosses. Random events will happen all throughout the world that players can discover and tackle.

The gameplay footage shows how Redfall's various challenges can be tackled any number of ways, with each character featuring unique abilities, playstyles, and upgrades. Redfall's arsenal of available weaponry is also vast, with players able to collect or craft unique weapons, customize their favorites with powerful upgrades, and more.

Eventually, players will be able to challenge the all-powerful vampire gods, but it won't be easy to find them, let alone defeat them. There's a lot to love about Redfall's open-world gameplay loop, although it remains to be seen what the game's narrative will look like.

Fortunately, we now know how long we have to wait to find out. Redfall officially launches on May 2, 2023, and is heading to Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and Xbox Game Pass on day one. Players can preorder Redfall starting now, ensuring their among the first to experience everything this vampire-slaying, immersive action game has to offer. Will Redfall be one of the best Xbox games of 2023?



With a release date only a few months away, Redfall is now available to preorder. There are two editions for Redfall, with the Bite Back variant including a plethora of additional cosmetic items for players.

Preorder from: Xbox (Standard) | Xbox (Bite Back)

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