Street Fighter 6's next character is a strong addition to an already-stellar cast

Street Fighter 6 M. Bison victory
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The hierarchy of power is about to change. 

Not in any cinematic universe, but in Capcom's latest fighting game, Street Fighter 6, where a new lineup of warriors are joining the fray with the Year Two pass. First up in this second wave is the dreaded M. Bison, the fierce criminal who was thought to be long-dead. 

During Summer Game Fest 2024, I had the chance to play a few matches with (and against) M. Bison, testing his abilities and seeing how he plays. In short, his arrival isn't just any old Tuesday, but a locomotive slamming into the established meta. Here's my thoughts. 

Street Fighter 6: M. Bison preview

That's gonna hurt. (Image credit: Capcom)

Picking up the controller and hopping into a match against the AI, it's immediately clear that M. Bison packs a wallop. His moveset is slow, but heavy and powerful, so if you don't read his attacks you'll be kicked into next week. Capcom's notes indicate he's considered a "hard" character to learn, but as someone who is far from being talented at Street Fighter, I didn't have any trouble quickly understanding his combos and getting the hang of his combat loop. 

In particular, the returning Double Knee Press and Shadow Rise attacks are invaluable pieces of his arsenal, and careful use of his kick attacks can generate serious momentum. Combined with throwing in his Psycho Crusher and Psycho Hammer moves, he can dish out some serious damage in a short amount of time. Needless to say, I absolutely cannot wait to see what M. Bison can do in the hands of a super-skilled player. 

I only had time for a few matches, so it's not only possible but likely that I've missed some things. Even so, I am extremely confident in saying M. Bison feels great to play. He won't be replacing my main — let's be real here, no new character will ever separate me from Chun-Li — but it's a refreshing shake-up considering how the majority of the existing cast has been focused on speed to slightly varying degrees. 

Strong leg-based attacks are the foundation of M. Bison's arsenal. (Image credit: Capcom)

I also have to mention M. Bison's radical new design, which is incredible to behold. Gone is the appearance of a Fascist dictator-in-the-making. Instead, he appears more dead than living, a disheveled revenant being held together through sheer pain and willpower. He's not shaking up the top (or middle, or bottom) of the rankings of how hot the cast of Street Fighter 6 is, but he's utterly imposing all the same. 

Street Fighter 6 as a whole has showed a willingness to evolve and age members of its cast, but M. Bison takes that to a completely different level than any of the others. It's a sweeping change for the iconic antagonist, but I'm glad to see it. The bar has been set pretty high for any future costume designs he gets, but Capcom's art and character teams have not failed me so far.

Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition

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There's more to come for Street Fighter 6 in 2024

Street Fighter 6 - M. Bison Gameplay Trailer - YouTube Street Fighter 6 - M. Bison Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
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As exciting as M. Bison's arrival is, it's only the beginning of Street Fighter 6's second year. More characters are on the way like series veteran Elena, with some big crossovers coming over from Fatal Frame and The King of Fighters in the form of Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. Now those two may change up my aforementioned rankings, but let's wait and see how they look rendered in RE Engine first.

Players won't be waiting long to get their hands on M. Bison, as he's slated to arrive in Street Fighter 6 on June 26, 2024. He's included in the Year Two pass, but also available for purchase separately.

In our review of Street Fighter 6, my former colleague Miles Dompier wrote that "Capcom continues to demonstrate precisely how a team can triumphantly transform established IP. The blood, sweat, and style pouring from nearly every moment in Street Fighter 6 will delight newcomers and veterans alike."

Street Fighter 6 is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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