The Fallout revival continues as nearly 5 million players have journeyed into the wasteland in a single day

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What you need to know

  • The Fallout series has experienced a continuing influx of players, both new and returning, following the successful TV show adaptation by Prime Video.
  • Today, the Fallout social media account on Twitter shared that nearly five million players had left the Vault and sought adventure across all Fallout titles.
  • Fallout 76 alone recorded more than one million players in the Appalachian wasteland today.

If there's one thing we love in Appalachia, it's a good old-fashioned revival. Today, Bethesda is witnessing a Fallout revival that many studios could only dream of, following a TV or movie adaptation of a video game. The official Twitter account for Fallout shared a post declaring that more than one million adventurers had stepped into the Appalachian wasteland of Fallout 76 today. Those players joined even more across the series, for a grand total of nearly five million active players in a Fallout title in a single day.

According to player tracking service,, Fallout 76 has experienced a 476% gain in active players over the last 30 days. The open-world multiplayer RPG set in the Appalachian mountains has set new records for peak player counts, tipping the scales with a new all-time peak player count earlier this week when 73,368 Vault Dwellers stepped into the wasteland. 

2015's Fallout 4 has also seen a significant increase in player numbers, breaking into the top 10 most-played games on SteamDB with a 538% gain in player numbers in the last 30 days. Fallout 4 will receive a next-gen update this week, adding bug fixes and current-gen features such as support for ultrawide monitors and Steam Deck verification.

The influx of new and returning players to the Fallout series is due in no small part to the success of the Fallout TV show adaptation that aired on Prime Video on April 11. Marketing around the series included a slew of free offerings and expanded availability. Entries from the Fallout series were added to cloud streaming services from NVIDIA and Amazon, in addition to being readily available on Xbox Game Pass on PC, console, and the cloud.'s statistics for player counts help provide a snapshot into player numbers on Steam, but it cannot add player counts from cloud and console platforms outside of Steam. Acknowledgments of player counts from Bethesda are rare, and the company typically keeps the number of subscribers and players on Xbox-owned properties close to the chest.

Amazon has already renewed Prime Video's Fallout TV adaptation for a second season, which may pose a potential problem for Xbox and Bethesda. There doesn't appear to be any new content or games in the series coming anytime soon that can capitalize on the promotional boon generated by a successful adaptation. 

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