Where to find Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Diriclaw
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Upon receiving the Nab-Sack in Hogwarts Legacy, Beasts Class Professor Howin will task you with capturing a few different creatures, one of which is a Diricawl. While the bird is easy enough to capture when you're near it, knowing where to go to catch one isn't quite as easy. 

Fortunately, beast dens are marked with a symbol on the Hogwarts Legacy world map so you just need to locate a Diricawl Den, travel to it, and work on capturing one of these birds. We'll go over where the easiest Diricawl Den to get to is located as well as how to capture beasts with a Nab-Sack. This creature-collecting mechanic is just one more thing that makes Hogwarts Legacy one of the best PC games and best Xbox games out there.

Where to find Diricawl Dens

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Diricawl Dens are marked by an animal paw symbol on the map, just like all other animal dens. The easiest Diricawl Den to get to is located in the Hogwarts Valley part of the map south of Hogwarts castle. 

Jump on your broom or flying creature and quickly make your way to these ruins that the Diricawl call their own. Female birds are yellow while male birds are blue.

How to catch Diricawl

  1. Make your way to a Diricawl Den, but don't get too close to the birds or you'll spook them. 

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  1. Cast Levioso on one of the Diricawl that you want to capture. This will make the bird float for a brief period. 

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  1. Get up closer while the Diricawl is floating and use your Nab-Sack to start capturing the bird. You'll need to press a button at the proper moment a few times in order to be successful. 

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Once you have a male and female Diricawl you can take them back to the Room of Requirement and breed them (as long as you've unlocked these features). If you haven't unlocked the breeding pen yet then keep working on House Elf Deek's quests in The Room of Requirement and you'll eventually unlock them. 

Bird's in the bag

With the Nab-Sack in tow, Hogwarts Legacy kind of becomes a wizarding world Pokémon game where you can work on creature collecting. There are several different types of beasts to capture and it's fun taking care of them or improving their living areas in the Room of Requirement. 

Have fun running around the overworld and capturing as many magical creatures as you can. Eventually, you can have your own well-stocked menagerie complete with feeding troths, toys, breeding pens, and beautiful decor. 

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