Xbox Year in Review 2023: See your official total gaming hours, achievements, most played games, and other stats

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Xbox has officially released its Xbox Year in Review stats so players can check out just how much time they've spent on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S in 2023. This includes seeing things like how many total hours you've spent playing on Xbox this year, which games were your top-played titles, how many achievements you've unlocked, and more. Plus, it shows all of this information in nice little infographics, including a pie chart that shows the genres you've played the most. 

Of course, TrueAchievement also has its own My Year on Xbox stats, which displays this year's Xbox gaming a little differently. So you might want to do both and see which one you like more. At any rate, here's how to access your official Xbox Year in Review stats. 

How to see your official Xbox Year in Review

I've historically been more of a PC gamer and only just got my first Xbox this year so my stats aren't that impressive.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

To see this year's official Xbox gaming stats, simply go to the Xbox Year in Review page and log into your account. Your stats will appear shortly thereafter. 

As my personal Xbox stats show in the screenshot above, I've historically been more of a PC gamer. I only just got my first Xbox this year so my Xbox Year in Review stats aren't that impressive compared to what some of yours will be.

Unfortunately, Xbox doesn't provide a convenient way to share your stats on Twitter (X) or Reddit like the TrueAchievement My Year in Xbox stats do. So you'll have to screenshot your results and send them to someone that way. 

Is it what you expected? 

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It's always fun to see just how much time you've spent playing your favorite games within a year. Sometimes the results aren't at all what you expect but other times it's pretty obvious what the results will be like. At any rate, I love that the official Xbox Year in Review shows you, not only your overall stats but the stats of your top-played games. I love seeing how I stack up to other players who have experienced the same games. 

Make sure to share your Xbox Year in Review stats on social media for others to see. Better yet, reply to our Windows Central Gaming account on X with a screenshot of your Xbox Year in Review. We'd love to see it. 

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