Arkane Studios confirms Redfall will have crossplay support between PC and Xbox consoles

Promotional screenshot of the players fighting a giant vampire boss.
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What you need to know

  • Arkane Studios recently held a Q&A on its Discord servers answering questions about their upcoming FPS, Redfall.
  • Among the many questions answered, the biggest highlight is that Redfall will have crossplay between Xbox and PC.
  • This crossplay support will allow Xbox players on console and PC Game Pass to play with PC players on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

On February 20th, 2023, Arkane Studios celebrated the announced release date for their upcoming open-world, co-op FPS, Redfall, by holding a Q&A session on the official Arkane Discord server. During this Q&A session, one person asked about the functionality of Redfall's crossplay support.

Arkane has stated that Redfall's crossplay feature will be supported for Xbox consoles, PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Games. Allowing Xbox console players and PC players across aforementioned platforms to play together. Which the company reiterated today on Twitter.

The full Q&A also contained questions on Redfall's dynamic difficulty scaling when playing in multiplayer, its gameplay mechanics, and more.

This is exciting news for gamers looking forward to playing Redfall with their friends online. Taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass and combining it with crossplay so Xbox players can team up with their friends who bought the game on almost any online PC platform is one of the many reasons, why Redfall is looking to be one of the best Xbox Games, coming out later this year.



The once-peaceful town of Redfall has been taken over by a horde of bloodthirsty vampires. With no way out and no hopes of rescue, you must band together with a team of survivors to fight off the undead menace and escape with your humanity intact.

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