Deathloop hits Xbox Series X|S on Sept. 20 with PC Game Pass debut

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  • Deathloop from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks launches on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on Sept. 20, accompanied by its Game Pass debut.
  • The title arrives on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles, alongside PC Game Pass, and cloud gaming to older Xbox One consoles and mobile devices.
  • Deathloop arrives on Xbox consoles one year following its launch on PC and PlayStation 5 as a timed console exclusive. 

Microsoft has announced plans to bring its time-bending shooter Deathloop to Xbox consoles, accompanied by a debut in Xbox Game Pass. The title, now under the Xbox umbrella following its $8.1 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media, arrives on the platforms on Sept. 20, following its PlayStation 5 and PC launches in September 2021.

While a first-person shooter on the surface, Deathloop embraces a time loop as its defining mechanic, seeing players fight to escape a cyclical series of events. It’s an immersive sim that pushes players to explore the intricacies of its world in what we called “one of the most creative and unique” within its genre in our Deathloop PC review. The game’s Xbox debut brings the title to a new audience, following its initial PlayStation timed exclusivity.

While Microsoft now owns Bethesda and its many studios, Deathloop first arrived as a time console exclusive, honoring a pre-existing contract with Sony prior to the deal. The one-year agreement has since expired, seeing the title now join its Xbox consoles and subscriptions, following speculation earlier this week.

Deathloop will be available via Xbox Game Pass on Xbox consoles, with standalone preorders also live ahead of launch. PC Game Pass users will also receive the opportunity to play the title for no added cost, with streaming available via Game Pass Ultimate.

Deathloop is only launching on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, and like its PlayStation 5 counterpart, there’s no previous-generation version for Xbox One. The game will be available to Xbox One users via Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, offering over-the-internet streaming akin to titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Xbox debut also brings new content on all platforms, including new weaponry, enemies, and other in-game content, plus the addition of cross-platform matchmaking.

Deathloop has since appeared for preload via the Microsoft Store ahead of its Sept. 20 debut, with Xbox Series X|S preorders available starting at $60.


Deathloop | Xbox Series X|S

Deathloop, the time-bending shooter from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, arrives on Xbox consoles and Game Pass from Sept. 20. You can preload the game now ahead of its Game Pass debut, with preorders also available via the Microsoft Store.

Preorder from: Microsoft Store

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