Extra Xbox Elite Series 2 colors join Design Lab for expanded controller customization

Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers with Design Lab
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers now have a new range of colors for customization.
  • Various color options for the controller casing, face buttons, paddles, accents, and custom engraving expand the potential Elite S2 combinations.
  • The new colors are available now in Xbox Design Lab, with Elite S2 controllers starting at $149.99.

Since the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller joined the Design Lab as a customizable joypad option, Microsoft has been working on expanding the range of colors for all the individual parts and pieces. Following a new announcement, gamers can choose from 16 colors for the top and back of the Elite S2, 12 for the ABXY face buttons, 17 accents for the paddles and D-pad, and 25 for the rest of the controller, including fancy names like Deep Pink, Garnet Red, and Glacier Blue.

Xbox Design Lab animated promo

The potential for color combinations is almost limitless. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Besides the potential billions of color combinations, Microsoft also offers metallic triggers, D-Pads, and adjustable thumbstick rings and bases alongside a personalized color for its carrying case and zip pull directly from the Xbox Design Lab. Complete the look with an engraving on the top case, and your Elite S2 will be like no other, a true custom companion for your gaming sessions on Xbox.

Quickly swapping out adjustable sticks, trigger locks, and rubberized grips can all suit a personalized with user-made input profiles on the Xbox Accessories App, including control for vibration intensity. Your custom-made Elite S2 could fit any genre of game with a few interchangeable parts, all in a unique color combination. The Thumbsticks and D-pad Pack is available in the Design Lab alongside the Paddles Pack and the Carrying Case & Charging Pack, or you can grab the Everything Pack for the complete combo.

Minecraft Legends inspired controllers give you a head start on customization. (Image credit: Microsoft)

If you're not feeling particularly creative, you can skip the individual choices and spring for ready-made combinations in the 'Inspired By' collection, including controllers based on titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Vampire Survivors, and Minecraft Legends. Either way, the potential for a genuinely unique Xbox controller is more significant than ever, with our first-hand experiences proving it's worth the spend. Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers with Xbox Design Lab are available now, starting at $149.99.

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