Fallout 76 grabs its biggest update yet with 'Expeditions: The Pitt'

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What you need to know

  • Expeditions: The Pitt releases today to Fallout 76 bringing a new area to explore in Pittsburgh and a new group of Responders to meet in Season 10.
  • The expansion introduces new missions, legendary weapons, armor and rewards. 
  • Expeditions feature a new in-game currency "Stamps" for players to earn rare loot.

The promised Fall update for Fallout 76 has arrived today with the release of Expeditions: The Pitt. Players will be able to venture out of Appalachia for the very first time to explore the former city of Pittsburgh, now known as The Pitt in its irradiated post-nuclear form.

With Expeditions, the game now has two main story missions to be completed, and your journey starts in the infamous location of Whitespring Resort. New Responders have arrived for players to interact with and have renamed the resort "The Whitespring Refuge." Read on to find out what's in store in Bethesda's latest update:

  • Responders Daily Quests. In possession of a restored Vertibird, the Responders will need players' help with charging up its battery to deliver aid to nearby settlements and ultimately lead them to their first mission in The Pitt.
  • Two new missions. Two new repeatable missions "Union Dues" and "From Ashes to Fire" can be completed with up to three players. You'll fight back raiders and discover the new local wildlife which may or may not be friendly. 
  • New rewards to earn. Completing the new missions will reap rewards in the form of legendary gear, scrips and XP. New mods, C.A.M.P gear and items have been added. 
  • New in-game currency. Expeditions: The Pitt introduces "Stamps" which you can collect to purchase the exact rewards you want from the new loot available.

The new expansion to Fallout 76 also brings the start of Season 10: City of Steel. 

Fallout City of Steel Armor

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The new season wipes the Season 9 scoreboard and gives players Pitt-themed rewards to earn such as weapon paint, armor, C.A.M.P items, cosmetics and consumables. Season 10 will be the first season to let players unlock new craftable items as they rank up their season scoreboard. The Auto Axe is a devastating weapon that can be customized with poison, fire or electrical modifiers. Explorers of The Pitt can also craft Union Power Armor which boasts poison resistances and extra carry weight for looting the new toxic landscape. These can later be unlocked with the introduced Stamps currency if players fail to earn them during Season 10.

While Fallout 76 didn't launch in the best state, it has since gone on to become one of the most-played RPGs on Xbox, serving millions of players while pumping tons of new content and features into the game for free. Indeed, Expeditions: The Pitt is available today and is also free. Fallout 76 available as part of Xbox Game Pass on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. 


Fallout 76 Expeditions: The Pitt
Explore the ruined city of Pittsburgh in the newest release of Fallout 76. See what adventures and nuclear monstrosities await in The Pitt. Fallout 76 is also available on Game Pass.  

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