Finish Line Games announces Robots at Midnight, launching exclusively on Xbox and Steam in 2024

Finish Line Games' upcoming action adventure RPG, Robots at Midnight, will be Xbox console exclusive.
(Image credit: Finish Line Games)

What you need to know

  • Finish Line Games is a Toronto-based studio known for indie titles Cel Damage HD, Skully, and Maize.
  • The studio announced their upcoming action-adventure RPG, Robots at Midnight, during the Golden Joystick Awards.
  • Robots at Midnight will be an Xbox console exclusive, and will also be available on Steam. 

Independent game studio Finish Line Games has revealed its upcoming action-adventure RPG, Robots at Midnight, during the 41st Golden Joystick Awards.  The game appears to be an Xbox console exclusive, as the end card of the trailer revealed it would be released on Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows via the Microsoft Store, and Steam for PC in 2024. 

A cosmic fantasy set in an alternative 1980s timeline where Cassette Futurism is the lay of the land, Robots at Midnight features intense combat in an exploration-centric narrative full of mechanical mayhem. Players take on the role of Zoe, an unlikely hero in a ruinous world overrun by robots. Robots at Midnight has an emphasis on fluid movement and skill-based combat. 

The trailer shows Zoe engaging in battle with mechanical robots that tower over them, and players will need to climb, dodge, and flip their way to victory. Robots at Midnight encourages players to balance the risk-reward element of choices and progresses Zoe's character growth with RPG mechanics.

“The team is really excited to welcome people into this world we’ve been creating,” said Daniel Posner, CEO and co-founder of Finish Line Games. “We’re big fans of games that have combat that require persistence, which is where we first drew inspiration and then built this interconnected world filled with mechanical creatures, deep lore, humor, and characters that have heart and soul.”

Finish Line Games was formed in 2013, and Robots at Midnight will be the studio's fourth game release in that time. Previously, Finish Line Games was known for 2014's Cel Damage HD, Maize in 2016, and Skully in 2020.

While Robots at Midnight is expected to be released in 2024 and will be available on Xbox Series X|S consoles and the Microsoft Store along with Steam at release, finish Line Games has stated that it expects other platforms to follow. The developers gave no definitive timeline for the release window, nor was it announced for Xbox Game Pass. It is, however, available to wishlist now on Steam.

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