Hideo Kojima's Xbox exclusive game is officially called "OD," and it looks terrifying

Screenshot from the OD reveal trailer.
(Image credit: The Game Awards)

What you need to know

  • We've finally gotten our first proper look at OD, Hideo Kojima's exclusive collaboration with Xbox Game Studios using cloud technology.
  • The trailer is enigmatic and brief, but it still sets a terrifying tone.
  • It was also revealed that Hideo Kojima is working with horror legend Jordan Peele to bring OD to life.
  • Kojima has said that OD blends the borders between video games and cinema, and I can't wait to experience it.

Well, the day is finally here. We know that industry legend Hideo Kojima was working with Xbox Game Studios to create a brand-new game using Xbox's cloud technologies, and now we've finally gotten our first look at it. The game is called OD, and the brief teaser trailer we received during The Game Awards looks mysterious, baffling, and more than a little terrifying.

Yes, OD is the next Hideo Kojima project. Yes, OD is coming to Xbox consoles. Yes, OD aims to blend the borders between video games and cinema. What I didn't see coming, though, was the reveal that Jordan Peele, the mastermind behind horror movies like Nope, Get Out, and Us, is working with Kojima to bring OD to life. That's a powerful duo bringing a unique gaming experience to Xbox (and presumably Windows PC).

Unfortunately, that's where our information ends. There's no release date information or even any teasers beyond the brief trailer. We can guess OD will be an Xbox console exclusive, and we can guess it'll come to Xbox Game Pass on day one, but we can't speculate too much beyond that. Well, it's also pretty likely that OD is going to horrify the pants off a lot of gamers, given the mood of the teaser trailer.

Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele on stage together, and apparently they're huge fans of each other's work. (Image credit: The Game Awards)

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