ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest demos are now available

Metal: Hellsinger image with female demon protagonist
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is holding a special event for Summer Game Fest, allowing players to try out demos of games that would normally be relegated to a show floor. 
  • There are 34 ID@Xbox game demos available, including for previously-announced titles like Metal: Hellsinger.
  • The demos can be played from now through June 27, 2022.

Anyone looking for more games to play will be happy to learn that the ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest demos are now available. 

Just like in 2021, Microsoft is teaming up with Summer Game Fest to provide demos for 34 different games on Xbox consoles, which are all available now, per Xbox Wire. Unlike many game demos, these are the kind of builds that would usually be reserved for an in-person show floor. As such, some bugs and lack of polish can be expected, and players are encouraged to respectfully share feedback with the developers.

The demos are available from now through June 27, 2022, so if you want to try them you'll want to act fast. A wide selection of indie games are available, including the heavy metal demon-slaying rock game Metal: Hellsinger. To find the demos, simply boot up your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One console and check the store.

Here's the list of games included in the demo selection:

  • Another Crusade - Dragon Vein Studios
  • Ato - Tiny Warrior Games
  • Batora: Lost Haven - Stormind Games
  • BattleCakes - Volcano Bean
  • Boxville - Triomatica Games
  • BROK the InvestiGator - COWCAT
  • Broken Pieces - Elsewhere Experience
  • Despot’s Game - Konfa Games
  • Doodle God Evolution - JoyBits Games
  • Endling – Extinction is Forever - Herobeat Studios
  • Exhausted Man - Candleman Games
  • Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess - Playtra Games
  • Grotto - Brainwash Gang
  • Lost Ruins - Altari Games
  • Metal: Hellsinger - Sunhammer AB/The Outsiders
  • MUSYNX - MUSYNX Studio
  • Nummels - Plattnip
  • Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip - Studio Bean
  • Overrogue - EXE-CREATE
  • PolyFury - Wayfarer Games
  • RE:CALL - maitan69
  • Richman10 - Softstar Technology
  • Sail Forth - David Evans Games
  • Severed Steel - Greylock Studio
  • Shadowrun Returns - Codeglue
  • Spiderheck - Neverjam
  • Strings Theory - BeautifulBee
  • Strong Moon - Chihuas Games
  • Stuffed - Waving Bear Studio
  • Terror of Hemasaurus - Loren Lemcke
  • Tinykin Splashteam
  • Wave Break - Funktronic Labs
  • Wreck Out - Four5Six 
  • Ynglet - Nifflas’ Games
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