Microsoft reveals Mineral Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X|S controller, available for purchase now

Xbox controller Mineral Camo Special Edition
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced a new Xbox Series X|S controller titled the Mineral Camo Special Edition.
  • This controller is available at $70, and is available for purchase right now.
  • There's also a matching Mineral Camo charging stand, which is also available right now. 

If you're looking for another controller to add into your lineup with a splash of color, there's great news. 

Microsoft shared on Tuesday via Xbox Wire that the Xbox Wireless Controller - Mineral Camo Special Edition is now available for purchase. This controller naturally uses a camouflages pattern with rich ocean hues. At $70, it's no more expensive than many of the other best Xbox controllers that are currently present in the roster.

This is the fourth camo-themed controller Microsoft has introduced, joining the Arctic Camo, Daystrike Camo, and Night Ops Camo controllers. There's also a new matching Mineral Camo charging stand, which is also available as of today. Like other charging stands, it's compatible with newer Xbox Series X|S controllers and the Xbox One controllers, all of which can be used on Microsoft's latest line of gaming hardware.

Like the other Xbox Series X|S controllers, the Xbox Wireless Controller - Mineral Camo Special Edition includes the various improvements introduced to Microsoft's controllers with the latest generation of consoles. This includes the dedicated share button, allowing players to more easily take captures in-game.

This also comes after Microsoft recently announced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core model, which comes in white with no accessories and at a lower price. The Elite line of Xbox controllers are also joining Xbox Design Lab sometime this holiday period, though there's no exact day of availability confirmed right now. As such, if you're considering buying an Elite controller and you absolutely want custom colors, you should hold off on any purchases for the time being.

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