New Xbox Series S deal bundles free Xbox Stereo Headset with every console

Xbox Series S
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Microsoft has launched a new Xbox Series S promotion, bundling consoles with its latest Xbox Stereo Headset. The limited-time deal entitles those in the U.S. and Canada to Microsoft’s official wired headset when purchasing any Xbox Series S console via the Microsoft Store. The bundle marks the latest Xbox Series S offer as stock shortages show signs of subsiding across the globe.

Microsoft Store visitors can claim a complimentary Xbox Stereo Headset at checkout, translating to a $60 or $75 saving, when coupled with an Xbox Series S. Microsoft offers the same discount on standard Xbox Series S consoles, and the Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle, both priced at $299.99 in the U.S. and $379.99 in Canada.

Free Xbox Stereo Headset with Xbox Series S bundles $359.98 $299.99 at Microsoft

Free Xbox Stereo Headset with Xbox Series S bundles $359.98 $299.99 at Microsoft

Pick up Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series S console with a free Xbox Stereo Headset in the U.S. and Canada, assembling an affordable starter kit for those just getting started with the latest generation of Xbox gaming.

The Xbox Stereo Headset is Microsoft’s official wired Xbox headset, sharing a similar design to its Xbox Wireless Headset — just with more wires. It’s one of the best budget Xbox headsets available, boasting good quality 40mm speakers and a clear mic for voice chats. It also has an on-ear dial for volume control, a sliding mic mute switch, and a 3.5mm jack for easy connectivity across devices.

We recommend picking up this deal with the Xbox Series S Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle, the only bundle available on Microsoft’s next-gen machines. While identical to the standard Xbox Series S, the console also ships with in-game rewards for free-to-play hits, Fortnite and Rocket League.

The Xbox Series S remains a capable console, first launching aside Xbox Series X in late 2020. It’s the new, affordable Xbox, running the same games as Xbox Series X, but targeting below 4K resolution. It’s also an all-digital console lacking a disc drive, making this better for downloads and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has also started to offer discounted Xbox Series X refurbs for those looking for more on a budget.

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