Palworld roadmap revealed: Xbox and Steam PC cross-play, PvP, raids, and much more

Palworld promotional screenshot
(Image credit: Pocketpair)

What you need to know

  • Pocketpair has recently unveiled an Early Access roadmap detailing its future plans for Palworld.
  • The roadmap states that Palworld will be receiving numerous bug fixes, new gameplay content, crossplay between Xbox consoles and PC (Steam), and more features in the future.
  • Palworld is an open-world survival game with elements of monster-catcher games like Pokémon that's become rapidly popular, reaching over a million concurrent players on Steam and selling over six million in mere days.

Pocketpair, the creators of the recently released Palworld, has taken to social media to announce their future plans for their popular survival game with an Early Access roadmap. 

The roadmap states that Pocketpair will prioritize fixing Palworld's server congestion issues before tackling other issues plaguing the game and implementing new gameplay content and features.

At the top of the list for Pocketpair is critical issues relating to gameplay-breaking bugs, but beyond that, the team has an ambitious roadmap for content and features, as detailed here. 

Palworld's roadmap is broad and ambitious, as detailed above.  (Image credit: Pocket Pair)
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Key configuration improvements. 
  • Improvements to base Pal AI and pathing.
  • PvP.
  • Raid bosses (end-game content).
  • Pal arena (PvP for Pals).
  • Steam-Xbox crossplay.
  • Various Xbox feature improvements.
  • Server transfers and migrations.
  • Improvements to the building system.
  • New islands, Pals, bosses, and technologies.

New Palworld content coming soon

Xbox fans will be particularly excited to hear that this roadmap contains plans to improve the Xbox console versions with new content and cross-play with the PC (Steam) version. Could this be a sign that the Xbox version of Palworld will be getting dedicated servers and receive features exclusive to the Steam version faster than anticipated? 

Stay tuned for more info as we continue to watch over this unexpected smash hit Xbox Game Pass title that's breaking con-current player records and sales figures with each passing day.

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