The Xbox April 2024 update brings improvements to Discord chat for consoles, while the Xbox App on PC gets game hubs

PC Game Pass game hubs
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What you need to know

  • A new update for the Xbox App on PC brings game hubs, letting players track progress, browse through DLC, and see game-specific captures all in one place. 
  • The April 2024 Xbox update is also coming, bringing improved Discord functionality that allows console users to hear soundboard audio. 
  • Players can allow block other users from installing or uninstalling games and apps. 
  • Xbox console users that upload captures to OneDrive will now be notified if they are running low on storage space.

The next update is on the way for Xbox players on consoles and Windows PC. 

As detailed by Xbox Wire on Wednesday, game hubs are being added to the Xbox App on PC. This means players can track their in-game captures (and immediately jump to the file location), browse any available DLC and add-ons, or see their progress for a particular game. This update is rolling out, so you can expect to see it shortly if it isn't already available. 

April 2024 Xbox console update details

Meanwhile, the next update for Xbox console players is also rolling out. The April 2024 Xbox console update is improving Discord functionality, letting players hear or disable Discord soundboard effects through a toggle. For anyone that wants to avoid hearing these sound effects, you can open the Xbox Guide, navigate to Options, then  select Mute Soundboard.

Another feature added in this month's update is a warning for anyone that's running low on OneDrive space. When uploading screenshots and game clips to your OneDrive account, you'll now get a notification if you're running low on space, instead of having to manually check and realizing then that you're out. 

Finally, players can now choose whether or not to keep other users from installing or uninstalling games and apps on their console. This is done by requiring a Guest Pin for any installs or uninstalls, which can be set by going to Settings, then System, then Access restrictions.

Since this update is now rolling out, you'll see it pop up on your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One soon. As a reminder, if you want to test Xbox console updates and give feedback before these updates go out for everyone, you can sign up for the Xbox Insider Program.

Analysis: Solid additions to ease frustrations

This seems like a good bevy of improvements for console and PC users. I'm particularly happy about the warning notification for running low on OneDrive storage space. 

For a bit of inside baseball, I usually upload all my images for a game review through OneDrive, as it makes it easier for me to edit them and select which handful I'll actually use. Not having a warning that I'm about to be full and I need to clear some space before uploading 12+ screenshots has been an absolute headache in the past, so this'll go a long way toward making my life easier. 

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