The Xbox Store will soon be better at notifications for Wish List sales and more

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What you need to know

  • Xbox is currently testing a new feature with a subset of Xbox Insiders across various branches.
  • A new "Store" section is being added to the "Xbox notifications" settings, with options to customize various Xbox Store alerts.
  • Users will be able to control how and if they receive Xbox Store notifications, including alerts when Wish List items go on sale.
  • If testing goes well, the improved notifications settings should go live to all users in a future update.

The new Xbox Store is in a much better place than years past, but it still struggles to deliver reliable, meaningful notifications to users on relevant sales and deals, new game releases, and — most importantly — Wish List item sales. A new feature currently in testing with some Xbox Insiders should, hopefully, improve Xbox Store notifications and give users more control.

On Wednesday, Xbox released new updates for the Delta, Beta, and Alpha branches of the Xbox Insider program. Each release tests an identical new feature, which is now available to a random subset of users enrolled in these three branches (at least for now, not all users will see it). Included users will now be able to find a new "Store" section within the "Xbox notifications" settings, which will allow them to customize how and if they receive Xbox Store alerts when on their console.

The addition aims to improve the usefulness and reliability of notifications hailing from the Xbox Store, especially in regard to alerts when items on a user's Wish List go on sale. Currently, users can dive deep into individual list settings to enable Wish List notifications, but this option is obfuscated and confusing, and is terribly unreliable. Hopefully, more granular controls and a dedicated Settings page should improve matters, and ensure players are aware when the best Xbox games score sweet discounts.

If testing goes well for the new Xbox Store feature, more Xbox Insiders should expect to see it appear in the near future. Eventually, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One owners everywhere will be able to take advantage of increased control over Xbox Store notifications.


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