Wild Hearts: Full list of monsters and kemono, with strategy guides and tips

Cutscene screenshot of Wild Hearts' Deathstalker Kemono
(Image credit: Windows Central / EA)

The once-peaceful land of Azuma is in danger, as terrifying creatures known as the Kemono are threatening to destroy it. These territorial beasts possess the power to control nature and reshape the world around them. They grow tree roots to erupt from the ground, summon forth raging blizzards, engulf regions in fire, and other unnatural disasters.

As a hunter, it is your duty to hunt the Kemono and put them down before they cause anymore damage to the land. To help you accomplish this task, we have put together a list of all the Kemono you will be facing in Wild Hearts. We will also frequently update this list whenever new Kemono are discovered or added into the game through post-launch title updates. Despite some outstanding performance issues, Wild Hearts could eventually shape up to be one of this year's best PC games and best Xbox games with further optimizations. If you're ready to jump in and want some tips, say no more. 

Be warned that this list will contain spoilers, so if you want to go hunting these monsters blind, this is your first and last chance to turn back.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Ragetail

The Ragetail represents the first of many challenges you will face in Wild Hearts. (Image credit: EA)

The Ragetail is a large rat-like Kemono with flora growing out of its body. It is regarded as one of the weakest Kemono, but don’t underestimate this oversized rodent as it can still wreak havoc with inexperienced or overconfident hunters. 

The Ragetail’s main tactic is to scurry all over the place to disorientate its aggressors, then use its claws to slash them while they’re confused. It can also use the giant plum growing out its tail like a club to smash you into a bloody pulp.

After dealing enough damage to the Ragetail, it will become enraged, getting faster and tougher to hit. You can block a majority of the Ragetail’s attacks by using Basic Karakuri Crates as a shield, causing the rat to reel or even fall over when it hits the Crates. It is weak to all elements and status effects (except poison) and you can cut the giant plum off its tail to cripple its attack range.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Sapscourge

Use the Springboard Karakuri to avoid getting trapped by Sapscourge's sticky tree sap. (Image credit: EA)

Sapscourge is a beaver-like Kemono that has tree branches for horns, a fern-type bush for a beard, and organs that produce sticky tree sap. When engaged in combat, the Sapscourge will use its heavy weight to flatten opponents by rolling around like a bowling ball or performing body slams. 

It can also spit out the tree sap from its body to immobilize hunters. If a player gets hit by the tree sap, they will be unable to perform dodge rolls and will need to wait for the tree sap to wear off or jump off a Spring Karakuri to remove the tree sap.

When the Sapscourge gets angry, tree sap will start uncontrollably pouring out of the creature’s orifices. It will roll around more often and start sneezing large quantities of tree sap projectiles. 

To slay the Sapscourge, it is recommended you bring fire-elemental weapons to take advantage of its weakness to fire and slash-type weapons to chop through its soft hide. You can use the Bulwark Karakuri to block the Sapscourge’s somewhat troublesome rolling attacks, sometimes causing it to fall over and leave it vulnerable to attack.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Kingtusk

The Kingtusk lives up to its name by sporting massive tusks that can gore hunters in a single charge. (Image credit: EA)

The Kingtusk is a gargantuan boar-like Kemono which is the size of several houses stacked on top of each other and has tusks bigger than trees. This apex predator is one of the slowest Kemono but it more than makes up for it by possessing enough strength to crush buildings using its body and tusks. As a wood-type Kemono, the Kingtusk can summon forth tree roots from the ground to attack foes that are out of range of its melee attacks.

When the Kingtusk gets mad, the blood in its body will start to boil and its tusks will start to grow jagged with deadly spikes. During this state, the Kingtusk will cause tree roots to appear randomly and stomp the ground so hard, it causes minor earthquakes. It will also prepare a running charge to gore you with its mighty tusks.

The Kingtusk may look intimidating but it is not invincible. You can use Spring Karakuri or use weapon-types that offer fast mobility like the Claw Blades so you can take advantage of the boar-like Kemono’s slow speed and attack it from behind. Fire-elemental, slash, and lunge-type weapons are effective against the Kingtusk it and it is weak to numerous status effects.

When the Kingtusk is preparing to charge, set up a Bulwark Karakuri to block its attack. Not only will you be safe from the tusks but the resulting explosion from the destroyed Bulwark will send the Kingtusk flying into the sky, landing on its backside. While it is lying helplessly, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to counterattack.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Spineglider

The Spineglider is a speedy and tricky Kemono to hunt. (Image credit: EA)

The Spineglider is a small, water-based, flying-squirrel Kemono that doesn’t take kindly to humans or other Kemono invading its territory. Spineglider attacks its enemies by firing an unknown scalding liquid from its tail and wing membranes whilst flying around performing spinning tail attacks. When it feels threatened, the Spineglider will fire a constant stream of fluid that hardens and transforms into a stone pillar which it climbs to avoid attackers and jumps off to execute aerial attacks.

When the Spineglider has had enough, it will start to fight more aggressively by shooting more water than usual and using new attacks. For example, it will store all the rock-generating liquid it produces, decanting the fluid into its tail and turn it into a dense water balloon which the Spineglider will use to crush you.

The Spineglider can be an annoying and tricky Kemono to deal with, as it is a very small target and doesn’t like to stand still. However, you can use the Chain Trap Karakuri to slow down the Spineglider and the Pounder Karakuri to destroy any stone pillars it creates. In addition, if you destroy the stone pillars while the Spineglider is on them, it will fall to the ground and be left prone to attack. It is primarily susceptible to wood and fire-type weapons, all status ailments and it is severely weak to pummel-type weapons like Mauls and Hand Cannons.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Dreadclaw

The Dreadclaw may look silly but don't take this psychotic Kemono lightly. (Image credit: EA)

The Dreadclaw is a giant chicken-like Kemono covered in coral reefs with tree branches for tail feathers. It is an extremely angry bird that will attack anything in sight that annoys it, even if they give the Dreadclaw a funny look. Its attacks consist of flying kicks, pecking foes with its beak, and running charges.

At the apex of Dreadclaw’s rage, its wings will grow and it will start flying. While airborne, the Dreadclaw will fling some of the coral reefs off its body like bullets also its flying kicks will become faster and harder to dodge.

Despite its somewhat goofy appearance, the Dreadclaw is a relentless foe that will refuse to give you any time to process its attack patterns. There are multiple Karakuri you can use to counter it like the Bulwark Karakuri to repel its charge attack or the Firework and Repeater Crossbow Karakuri to blast it out of the air when it gets enraged. Its main weaknesses are fire-elemental and slash-type weapons. You can also weaken it with the Ablaze status ailment to set it on fire and have it writhe around in agony.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Gritdog

The Gritdog can use magnetism to create and mimic man-made objects by controlling the earth around it.  (Image credit: EA)

The Gritdog is a rotund, tanuki-like Kemono that normally doesn’t attack humans or Kemono unless it’s provoked by invading its personal space or harming it. Gritdog’s move repertoire at first glance seems pretty normal — charge attacks, body slams, and using its massive tail, made of rock, to whack enemies.

However, this Kemono possesses the unique ability to produce a magnetic field to control the minerals found in soil. This means that the Gritdog can manipulate the earth around itself to create rock formations that explode like shrapnel grenades against any unlucky soul near them. Gritdogs can even use this power to create structures that mimic your Karakuri devices to give you a taste of your own medicine.

When a Gritdog loses its temper, it starts to pound on its belly like a drum and use its magnetism to create rock armor to protect itself while transforming its tail into a spiked club. The Gritdog’s attacks will deal more damage and the rock formations it creates will produce bigger explosions. In addition, the Gritdog will also use a new attack that involves forcibly drawing you close to it by turning the ground beneath you into quicksand, then smacking its belly so hard it creates a big shockwave attack to finish you off.

Gritdogs are earth-based Kemono, so wind or grass-elemental weapons will deal extra damage to them. Slash and lunge-type weapons can pierce through the Gritdog’s hide and cut off its rocky tail. In addition, if it tries to use its quicksand/belly-drum combo attack, you can use a Spring or Glider Karakuri to escape and use Bulwark Karakuri to block its charge attacks.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Lavaback

There are very Kemono in the world as dangerous or as furious as the Lavaback. (Image credit: EA)

The Lavaback are some of the most feared Kemono you can encounter as they are the physical embodiment of rage and will assault anything on sight. These towering monkey-like creatures are super strong, have bodies made of molten rock, and can summon forth volcanic eruptions from the ground with their fire-based abilities.

Lavabacks also have the strange ability to stretch their arms out like rubber bands. This allows them to punch foes from yards away and catapult themselves into the air to perform a flying dropkick.

Exercise extreme caution once a Lavaback becomes infuriated. When they do, their bodies transform into literal volcanoes, causing the entire area you’re fighting it in to explode in a maelstrom of flame. In this state, the Lavaback’s already absurd strength is doubled allowing it to prize large, explosive volcanic rocks from the earth which it uses as projectiles to destroy anything and everyone in its path.

Almost every part of a Lavaback’s body is nigh-on impenetrable except its head, which is its only weak spot. It is recommended you bring ranged weapons so you can hit the head more easily or use long-reaching melee weapons like the Nodachi. Water is the only element that can deal effective damage to Lavabacks and they are also susceptible to Poison and Fatigue status ailments. The Lavaback’s attacks are too strong for the Bulwark Karakuri to block so you will need to use the shorter-lived Shield Wall Karakuri instead. Make sure you time building it correctly otherwise you will be in for a world of pain.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Earthbreaker

Taking down the titanic Earthbreaker will be a monolithic task. (Image credit: EA)

The Earthbreaker is a Kemono thought to have been only a legend but it is in fact real. This monolithic bear-like monstrosity is the largest Kemono ever seen as it is, essentially, a literal walking mountain. Its body is covered from head to paw in rocks and even buildings that have been uprooted by the Earthbreaker. It moves at a snail’s pace but speed is unnecessary as this thing could obliterate an entire town by stepping on it.

To take down this colossal Kemono, conventional weapons, and Karakuri won’t be enough. You will need the help of Minato’s blacksmith to forge you a special weapon strong enough to punch through the Earthbreaker’s rock armor and enlist the aid of Minato’s citizens to take part in a gigantic siege to bring down this titan for good.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Sporetail

The Sporetail wears its enemies down through sleep-inducing gas and commanding an army of its pups to gang up on them. (Image credit: EA)

The Sporetail is a distant relative of the Ragetail which has various fungi growing out of its body. Its attacks, for the most part, are identical to the Ragetail, except it has gained the ability to spew a gas that inflicts the Fatigue status effect. If a player gets hit with Fatigue, they will fall asleep and be left helpless against enemies.

The most dangerous aspect of Sporetails however is that they never fight alone. Whenever a Sporetail is being attacked, it can call forth a pack of a dozen or more Sporetail Pups for help. The lead Sporetail can command its younger brethren to gang up on enemies, tunnel underground to tackle them from below, and interrupt their attacks by annoyingly pushing and shoving them.

Sporetails have the same general weaknesses as Ragetails, so the same tactics used against Ragetails can be applied here. The hardest part will be dealing with the horde of Sporetail Pups which the adult Sporetail keeps summoning as they can be very irritating to fight if there are too many of them around. You can clear them out by using Star Bomb Karakuri to blow them up or prevent the Sporetail from summoning them by stunning it using Repeater Crossbow Karakuri during its cry for help.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Goldshard

The Goldshard is a juggernaut that can withstand almost any assault from predators. (Image credit: EA)

The Goldshard is an enormous, porcupine-like Kemono with crystal spikes and wheat growing out of its back. It is normally docile and like the Gritdog, only attacks when provoked. The Goldshard attacks its foes by curling into a ball and spin-dashing at shocking speeds to crush assailants underneath its spines. It can also fire the crystals on its back like mortar shells to hit its enemies from afar.

As this Kemono’s body is covered with deadly spikes, the main body parts to hit will be the tail, legs, and head. Wind and wood-elemental weapons will deal exceptional damage to it and you can inflict Poison, Fatigue, Entangle, and Freeze status ailments on it. When it begins its spin-dash attack, use a Shield-Wall Karakuri to block it and knock it flat on its back.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Fumebeak

Prepare poison-resistant to withstand the Fumebeak's toxic assault. (Image credit: EA)

Ravens are considered a symbol of death and the same is true of the Fumebeak. This bird is one of the scariest Kemono to fight as it moves as fast as lightning, can hit like a speeding train, and has the ability to inflict poison on its enemies. When the Fumebeak gets mad, it will take to the sky and cover the area with swathes of toxic gas clouds to choke the life out of you. Not to mention, using frequent aerial divebomb attacks to stab your heart with its beak.

Before going off to hunt this avian adversary, it would be a good idea to equip armor sets that can protect you from being poisoned. You will also need to keep the Fumebeak grounded as its most dangerous attacks are done while it is airborne. So, you will need to use the Repeater Crossbow, Harpoon, and Firework Karakuri to shoot it down when it's flying. If it tries to do a divebomb attack, use a Bulwark or Shield-Wall Karakuri to protect yourself and hopefully provide an opening if the Fumebeak falls, from hitting the barricade.

As far as resistances go, the Fumebeak is very weak to earth-elemental and lunge-type weapons like Bows or Claw Blades. Claw Blades are an ideal weapon for this creature as they can latch onto the Fumebeak and let you chase after it in the air, allowing you to slice or clip its wings.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Icetusk

The Icetusk is chilling variant of the Kingtusk that will stomp foes and pierce them its frosty tusks. (Image credit: EA)

The Icetusk is a frosty variant of the Kingtusk that resides in frigid climates. The Icetusk is just as massive and deadly as its distant cousin but instead of controlling tree roots, it summons blocks of ice to kill its prey. If you get hit by its ice attacks, you may be afflicted with the Frozen status effect which cripples your natural stamina recovery, preventing you from performing dodge rolls or special attacks efficiently.

Aside from its ice attacks, the Icetusk uses the same move-set as the Kingtusk so you can still use the Bulwark Karakuri to repel its charges. In addition, it has the same elemental and weapon-type weaknesses as the Kingtusk. The only difference between their resistances is that most status ailments are ineffective against Icetusk except Fatigue.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Cobalt Lavaback

The Cobalt Lavaback's fiery rage is so potent it makes the normal Lavaback look peaceful by comparison. (Image credit: EA)

The Cobalt Lavaback is a Lavaback subspecies whose innate fire powers are so strong, that they can survive living in arctic climates and ice-elemental attacks barely hurt them. They are more dangerous than the regular Lavabacks as they are much faster and stronger.

On top of possessing the normal Lavaback’s attacks, Cobalt Lavabacks have a new attack where they use their blue flames to melt a hole in the ground to dive underneath. From there, they will try to dig a tunnel beneath you and deliver a life-threatening uppercut if they get near to you. You can avoid these attacks by spotting erupting flames on the ground, as that will be where the Cobalt Lavabacks will emerge. So, if you see the ground starting to burn – run!

However, Cobalt Lavaback’s enhanced brawn comes with a price. Thanks to its raging blue flames, the Cobalt Lavaback’s body is less hardened than regular Lavabacks. So, if you keep a cool head and use the same strategies you have used to slay the regular Lavaback, you may be able to defeat the Cobalt Lavaback twice as fast.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Deathstalker

The Deathstalker is a frightening Kemono that has the power to freeze entire regions solid by summoning snowstorms.  (Image credit: EA)

The Deathstalker is a gigantic wolf-like Kemono born with the power to conjure up ice and blizzards. It is a swift and deadly opponent that will run rings around its prey, then proceed to attack them from behind with vicious claw swipes and bite attacks. In addition, it can attack from a distance by summoning icicles from the ground to send its opponents flying.

When the Deathstalker gets enraged, it will howl toward the heavens and grow ice armor around its body. Its speed will increase tenfold, leaving you very little time to escape its wrath.

To take down the Deathstalker efficiently, you must limit its mobility as much as possible. You can do this by using the Chain-Trap Karakuri to hold the Deathstalker in place so you and your teammates can attack it while it is trapped. It is also recommended to equip ice-resistant armor sets to mitigate the damage from its ice attacks and use fire-elemental weapons since the Deathstalker is weak against fire.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Pearlbeak

With the ability to dazzle its enemies and freeze them solid, the Pearlbeak is the light to the Fumebeak's darkness. (Image credit: EA)

The Pearlbeak is an ice-elemental variant of the Fumebeak. Instead of killing its prey by poisoning them, the Pearlbeak uses ice-based attacks and flashing lights from its crystalline body to blind its opponents. When the Pearlbeak becomes incensed, a large water bubble will appear around it, popping to unleash a massive water-based explosion to damage nearby enemies.

While it may possess the same moves and speed as the Fumebeak, the Pearlbeak isn’t as frightening due to its more fragile body. This means that it is weaker to more weapon types, especially to ones that deal pummel-type damage. So, if you keep the Pearlbeak grounded as you have done with the Fumebeak, you can slay this flying pest in no time.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Ripclaw

The Ripclaw is a vicious Kemono that will do everything within its power to protect its eggs. (Image credit: EA)

The Ripclaw are female versions of Dreadclaws who migrate to snowy climes to lay their eggs. As a result of their protective, motherly instincts, Ripclaws are even more territorial and aggressive than their male counterparts. In addition to using the same offensive techniques as the Dreadclaw, Ripclaws have a nasty trick where they lay fake eggs that contain a gas that puts would-be egg thieves to sleep.

While fighting the Ripclaw, you must keep your distance whenever it lays its eggs to avoid being forced to take a nap. Aside from that, use the same strategies and weapons you have used to take down the Dreadclaw and you will roast this overgrown chicken-like Kemono in no time.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Onyxshard

The Onyxshard possesses greater control over the earth than its golden cousin, Goldshard. (Image credit: EA)

The Onyxshard is a relative of the Goldshard which has spikes of onyx protruding from its back instead of crystals. Like the Goldshard, Onyxshard can also perform spin-dash attacks and jettison the spikes from its body. However, what separates the two Kemono apart, aside from appearance, is that the Onyxshard can control the earth beneath its feet. It can summon rock spires underneath its foes to impale them and even cause earthquakes to shake opponents off their feet before crushing them underfoot.

Tactics that have worked against the Goldshard will still work against Onyxshard, though you will have to be extra careful. Thanks to its earth-based powers, you will need to keep your distance to avoid getting hit by its earthquakes. In addition, Onxyshard can execute its rolling attacks faster than the Goldshard so you will need to use Shield-Wall Karakuri to block it as they can be built faster than Bulwark Karakuri.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Venomglider

Venomglider takes to the skies to poison its enemies from above. (Image credit: EA)

The Venomglider is a toxic subspecies of the Spineglider, whose body is covered in venomous spider lilies. It uses the same move-set as the Spineglider, it can also build rock pillars to escape attackers and perform aerial attacks. The Venomglider’s defining trait is that it can leave pools of poison on the ground, infecting any player who steps in them.

To mitigate the Venomglider’s toxic tactics, you will need to bring poison-resistant gear to render this beast’s main attack useless. After that, use the same gameplan you have learned fighting the Spineglider – smash the stone pillars with the Pounder Karakuri and use pummel-type weapons to smash the Venomglider’s face in.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Amaterasu

The Amaterasu is a murderous beast that steals Celestial Thread from livings to enhance its godlike power. (Image credit: EA)

The Amaterasu is a gigantic bird of prey Kemono which many cultures have interpretated and worshipped as a divine being since ancient times. Given its abilities, it is easy to see why it is seen as a deity, as the Amaterasu has the ability to absorb Celestial Thread from the environment and any unfortunate Kemono near it.

When battling this bird, you must not let it consume Celestial Thread as its strength and speed will grow with every meal. Although that is easier said than done, as Amaterasu is a speedy Kemono which likes to stay airborne, out of reach melee-fighters. While flying, it will shoot razor-sharp feathers from its body like projectiles and perform dive-bomb attacks that potentially kill you in one hit. Its attacks can also inflict the Entangled status ailment, which prevents players from creating Karakuri.

Once Amaterasu has consumed enough Celestial Thread, it transforms into its true, godlike form to unleash its full might upon those foolish enough to anger it. It gains the ability to shoot lasers from its beak and cast magical explosions which can engulf large stretches of land.

To bring down the avian Kemono, you will need to shoot it out of the sky by using Fusion Karakuri turrets like Harpoons or Repeater Crossbows. When it comes to resistances, the Amaterasu is weak against fire-elemental weapons and susceptible to the Poison and Ablaze status effects as it is a wood-type Kemono.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Emberplume

The Emberplume is living, breathing inferno that has the power to reduce everything around it to ashes with its flames. (Image credit: EA)

The Emberplume is a mythical Kemono that is said to have been born within the fiery depths of a volcanic region to the far west. Very few people have witnessed this magnificent creature and fewer have lived to tell the tale. This gargantuan peacock-like Kemono prefers to fight its foes at long range by using its extravagant tail feathers to fire scorching flames across the battlefield. When it gets angry, the Emberplume’s body will become engulfed in fire and proceed to reduce all its surveys to cinders.

To fight the Emberplume, you will need to stick close to it to avoid its deadly long-reaching flames. From there, your main objective should be to sever its tail feathers as those are its primary weapons. Aside from that, you will need to equip fire-resistant armor to avoid being burned alive and use lunge and slash-type weapons to chop off the tail feathers as quickly as possible to weaken the Emberplume.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Golden Tempest

The Golden Tempest is a tiger-like Kemono that can summon forth fierce hurricanes that will send its enemies hurdling to their graves.  (Image credit: EA)

Far to the north, in a region called the Golden Sea, lies one of the most vicious and awe-inspiring Kemono to walk the earth; the Golden Tempest. This tiger-esque Kemono embodies the power of the wind element and uses it to great effect to slaughter any hunter who dares challenge it.

During combat, the Golden Tempest begins fighting by using normal claw and bite attacks to slash its prey to shreds. As the fight goes on, it will proceed to use its wind powers to dispatch its foes. It can conjure small wind vortexes to suck in enemies, fire off razor-sharp gales from tendrils on its shoulders, and produce explosive tornadoes.

If you manage to enrage a Golden Tempest, it may cost you your life. It will drink deeply from the wind around it and gain a massive speed and power boost. It will be able to run faster than the wind itself. Nearly all its attacks can potentially kill you in one hit. Plus, it will start using a special technique where it will spit out a mini tornado, wrap it around its paw, then proceed to punch you with the force of a thousand hurricanes.

Hunting the Golden Tempest will be the ultimate test of your skills as a hunter and your knowledge of the Karakuri. Use Bulwark Karakuri to take cover from its wind attacks, use Chain-Traps to immobilize it, and use weapons that inflict the Frozen status ailment to cripple the Golden Tempest’s movements. This fight is also an opportune moment to use the Celestial Cannon, the most powerful Fusion Karakuri in your arsenal. It takes a long time to fire but its sheer, overwhelming firepower will be able to blast through the Golden Tempest’s tornadoes and put down the beast for good.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Grimstalker

Wild Hearts concept art of the Grimstalker

(Image credit: EA)

The Grimstalker is a rare Kemono that's nearly identical in appearance to the Deathstalker. However, unlike its icy cousin, the Grimstalker's elemental abilities are completely different as it has the power to control fire and water. 

When engaged in combat it will start the fight using water-based attacks and projectiles and will switch to fire-based skills once it becomes enraged. To counter this creature, use the same strategies and traps you've employed against the Deathstalker but with some slight deviations. 

For starters, use non-elemental weapons against it since the Grimstalker will constantly change its elemental resistances when it switches between its fire and water forms. In addition, use the Elemental Lantern Fusion Karakuri to mitigate the damage of Grimstalker's elemental attacks.

Wild Hearts list of Kemono: Murakumo

Wild Hearts concept art for Murakumo

(Image credit: EA)

The Murakumo is a fast, vulpine-like Kemono that has Sakura blossom trees growing from its body. Murakumo rarely makes its presence known during the day as it is a nocturnal beast, but when it does, it will fight tooth and claw to devour its prey.

This Kemono's main repertoire of attacks consists of summoning small whirlwinds that launch razer-sharp Sakura blossom petals into its enemy's hide. Then it uses its wind-based to gather a cluster of petals to form an airborne platform which it jumps off of to perform dive attacks.

Fire-elemental weapons and the Chain Trap Fusion Karakuri are good tools to use the Murakumo as it is weak to fire and the traps will slow it down. While you're at it, you can use the Spinning Top Fusion Karakuri to chase after the Murakumo and disable its whirlwinds.

Are you prepared to tame a world gone wild?

Only you have the skill and might to slay the Kemono (Image credit: Windows Central / EA)

With that, you now have greater knowledge of the Kemono you will face in Wild Hearts. So get out there and join the hunt today as Wild Hearts is now available for purchase on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. While it may not be considered one of the best Xbox games, it is still a fun Monster Hunter-like game that fans of the action-hunting genre should definitely check out.


Wild Hearts

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