Xbox release for open-world zombie survival game SCUM has been confirmed

SCUM is an open-world zombie survival game that has been in early access for 5 years, with a 1.0 release finally around the corner for Xbox and PC.
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What you need to know

  • SCUM is an open-world survival zombie game developed by Gamepires and published by Jagex Ltd. 
  • The game launched on Steam in early access in 2018, and has been working toward its 1.0 release with the most recent update putting the game at version 0.9.
  • When asked about a potential Xbox release on Twitter, the official SCUM account confirmed that an Xbox launch would be part of the 1.0 update.

The official Twitter account for SCUM has confirmed that the game will be coming to Xbox with its 1.0 update. SCUM, developed by Gamepires and published by Jagex Ltd., is an open-world zombie survival game that was originally released on Steam in 2018 in Early Access. The game is based on the premise of humans who have been imprisoned on SCUM Island to serve as entertainment fodder for an ominous network.

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On November 25, the SCUM account on Twitter shared a preview of improvements to the game's UI and changes to the game's crafting system. In response to a tweet asking for an Xbox port of the game, the official SCUM account replied that it was "Coming with the 1.0 release!" 

The developers have continued to release additional content for the title and make improvements to the game as it marches toward 1.0, with the most recent being the v0.9 Smoking Hot update. There has been some pushback from players who were unhappy with the developers' decision to release paid DLC while the game was still in an early access state, SCUM is still a genuinely well-received survival game. It currently sits at a Mostly Positive rating on Steam with 77,000 reviews.

While there were plenty of follow-up questions such as whether SCUM would be on Game Pass and what the release window may be, the social team for Gamepires didn't provide any additional information. Based on previous content releases, major updates have been coming to the game every 3 months. Depending on the release of v.0.95 we could possibly expect 1.0 (and the Xbox port to go with it) around late Spring or early Summer 2024. 

Windows Central would like to thank eagle-eyed reader Antonio for bringing the Xbox confirmation tweet to our attention. 

SCUM | $40 $20 on GMG

SCUM | $40 $20 on GMG

In a dystopian world where prisoners are used as entertainment fodder to satiate the bloodlust of the masses, you must find a way to survive and possibly escape SCUM Island. Available now in Early Access on PC, with an Xbox version confirmed for the 1.0 launch.

Also available: $20 (Steam) 

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